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What’s the Difference between Security Deposit and Last Month’s Rent

Last Month's Rent

When finding the perfect tenant, many landlords worry about their screening process or look for staging tips. However, there are specific criteria you can put in place to help you find financially stable tenants. Whether a newbie or seasoned landlord, you’re probably familiar with charging new renters the first month’s rent and a security deposit. However, did you know you …

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6 Inexpensive Staging Tips That Help Homes Sell For Top Dollar

Inexpensive Staging Tips That Help Homes Sell For Top Dollar

As time moves on and technologies continue to develop, the way we sell homes has evolved. Most potential home buyers are looking for their next house online through pictures or virtual tours, so staging your house when putting it up for sale has never been more important. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) 2021 Profile of Home Staging …

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A Moving in Checklist for Frugal Renters

A Moving in Checklist for Frugal Renters

With the economy in its current state, even before another energy crisis and a few crushing global events, it’s almost laughable the idea of buying a house. Those of us unlucky enough to not have a deposit handy will have to rent until we can save up – also easier said than done. This means being very tight with your …

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Top Reasons You Should Have Car Insurance

Reasons You Should Have Car Insurance

While the car you are driving could be highly convenient, you should always acknowledge the fact that driving can be dangerous, and there is always a chance that a vehicle might bump into yours or it’s it could be you who crashes into someone else. You may be an experienced driver, going on for years, and obey all traffic laws, …

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