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While it can be hard for a student to survive in this stifling economy, many companies and business offer discounts for college students. While such companies offer discounts or special rates, most do not widely advertise them; usually leaving such notices in small text or in the changing room of a clothing store. The list below covers a variety of categories, as well as which businesses offer what sort of a discount.


Just because you’re busy studying, doesn’t mean that your sense of style has to suffer.

  • Ann Taylor: Offers a 20% discount on physical purchases with a valid student ID.
  • Banana Republic: Offers a 15% discount on physical purchases with a valid student ID.
  • Charlotte Russe: Offers a 10% discount on physical purchases with a valid student ID.
  • Club Monaco: Offers a flat 20% discount on merchandise by either showing a valid student ID or registering with a .edu e-mail address.
  • J.Crew: Offers a 15% discount to both students provided the item isn’t already discounted. Additionally, this offer is also extended to educators.


These deals are great for those times when you really need to a break from studying or to celebrate after a midterms or exam.

  • AMC Theaters: Offers discounted ticket prices for students on every Thursday.
  • Blockbuster: May offer discounts. Check with the individual store.
  • Broadway in Chicago: Select performances may be discounted, depending on the show.
  • Harkins Movie Theatre: Offers discounts that depend on theatre location, as well as showings.
  • New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art: Discounts vary. Check their website for details.
  • Regal Theaters: May offer discounted tickets to students. Check with your local theater to make sure.

General Shopping

These discounts are from stores which offer a wide range of products.

  • Sam’s Club: Offers an $80 regular annual membership at half price and throws in a $15 gift card. It’s worth nothing that membership give two cards.
  • Student shoppers of can get special discounts, e-mail notifications about those discounts, as well as six months of Amazon Prime; which gives the option of two-day shipping without paying a single cent more.

Phones, Computers, and Other Tech

You can be frugal and connected at the same time.

  • Apple: Apple’s Education E-Commerce stores offer an 8% discount on various tech items, such as iPods and laptops.
  • Dell University: Offers discounts which vary by campus.
  • HP Academy: Offers student discounts on computers by signing up for an online program.
  • JourneyED: Offers up to a 15% discount, depending on the particular item.


These deals are great for when you’d like something outside of campus cuisine.

  • Kroger: Some locations of this grocery chain offer a 5% discount to students.
  • Qdoba: This Mexican food chain offers daily student discounts, such as $5 burritos.
  • Subway: Certain locations offer a 10% discount to students.
  • Additionally, many of the major fast food chains, such as Domino’s Pizza, Burger King, Waffle House, etc. may offer discounted meals to students. While this is more common in areas in, and around, a college or university campus, it never hurts to ask.

Miscellaneous Offers and Discounts

Here are two other discounts that don’t really fit with the above varieties.

  • General Motors: Students in the market for a new Chevrolet, Buick, or GMC vehicle can get a “College Discount.” See for details.
  • Eurail: Eurail offers a 35% discounted “Youth Pass” to anyone 25 or younger and ideal for European backpacking trips.

Whether you are a student looking for your next laptop or a break on your grocery bill, the above companies provide some awesome discounts for college students perfect for every wallet.

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  3. Since I can get a big student discount on it I was wondering how big the online download is and is it resumable if for some reason the connection breaks?

  4. I went to digital river and purchased the microsoft office 2010 at a discounted student price. I have 2 computers, and use both of them for school. Can I use that product key they gave me for both computers or will I have to buy another one?

    • If the license is not for two computers then you have to purchase two of them. The second may come with another discount so make sure you ask first.

  5. I like to know where i can post my blogshop, mainly featuring the latest trend especially for art student. I will be willing to give student discount if it is purchase locally in Singapore too.

    Any recommendations?

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  8. I live in Brazil and I am not a student in the US. Prices here are ridiculous, so i’m going to buy a MBP online with student’s discount and ship it to my friend’s house in NY. How do I prove i’m a student? Does he have to prove he is a student when he signs the delivery papers? Should I make it an instore pickup? How would he prove he’s a student then?

    I am not sure if he’s in a college in the US already, but I think his younger sisters go to school there already – he just moved in from Brazil. Is it ok if he’s not 18 nor are his sisters?

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