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Streamers Advice - Budgeted Game Streaming Setup
Streamers Advice - Budgeted Game Streaming Setup

Streamers Advice: Budgeted Game Streaming Setup 2020

It is no secret that regular people can now make money through the entertainment industry without the skills of acting, singing, dancing, hosting, or newscasting.

In the modern era, the majorities are spending time watching entertaining videos through different online platforms —name a few such as YouTube, Facebook, or Facebook Gaming, Twitch, etc.

The best part is that streamers can make as much money as the stars in the entertainment industry if he catches the general public’s attention.

The viewers attract traffic to his page or channel, which then leads to sponsored ads, and some fans donate generously as a sign of their support. They can give for as low as $1 and or up to one grand.

Image how amazing the revolution of the technology brought people another way to make a living out of their passion?

However, streamers do invest wisely too, and that is by setting up a place to stream, also called the “game room.” The general public would like to see those glittering LED lights from the keyboard, mouse, headset, and the CPU.

While some can afford it, I know a few who have the potential to attract the audience by streaming but do not have the budget to set up his place.

You are in the right place if that is you now.

In this article, let me show you budget-friendly tips on how you can start your career through online streaming.

Let us start with the basic necessities of an online streamer.

1. Gaming Chair

Let us begin with how you look in front of the camera. If your room is messed up, a gaming chair is right to cover it up. Also, we know that it is comfortable when you stream for hours and hours.

Before, I can almost assure you that only a few can afford a gaming chair because it is expensive. Now that online streaming has become popular, the production of the gaming chair increases.

Thus, the prices went down, so there is no need to talk about brands because the market already offers budget gaming chairs. And you should grab one.

2. LED lights

We can see that most streamers are in the dark rooms because the LED lights from the keyboard and mouse will illuminate the room. However, the viewers will need to see your face so you could use small LED lights that will be directed at you.

If you want recommendations, we will say that you get a rounded LED light, and we know that they LED lightings consume less energy power. Thus, you are saving the electric bills too.

3. Gaming over the headphone with microphone

A 2-in-one package is the best choice instead of buying a separate headphone and a microphone. It does not have to be Beats or Harman Kardon brands. Just be comfortable with no-name brands, and the room lightings will do the trick.

4. Gaming PC (Personal Computer)

Of course, we need the main item in this article too. We know that buying a gaming PC is quite costly. However, there is a trick that we can teach you.

We recommend that you do not buy a gaming PC from any well-known brand, but you will build it. Start with crowdsourcing. Look for a place such as a repair shop, wherein they sell computer parts only.

You need:

4.1. Processor (CPU)

Our recommendations are:

  • Intel core i3 – 8100
  • AMD Ryzen 3 1200/2200G with Radeon Vega 8 Graphics
  • AMD Ryzen 3 1300X
  • Intel Core i7-2600 Quad-Core Processor

4.2 Computer Case

4.3 Webcam

Our recommendations are:

  • AUSDOM 1080P HD Webcam Camera with Built-in Microphone
  • Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000

4.4 Optical Drive (DVD RW and SATA capable)

4.5 Memory (RAM)

Our recommendations are:

  • Patriot Viper Steel DDR4-4400 (2x 8GB) best high-speed 16GB kit
  • Patriot Viper 4 DDR4-3400 (2x 8GB) 16GB Kit
  • Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro DDR4-3200 (4x 8GB) best 32GB RGB kit

4.6 Power Supply

Our recommendations are:

  • Evga 500 W1, 80+ White 500W
  • Corsair CX Series 750 Watt
  • Seasonic G Series 650 SSR-650RM

4.7 SATA Cables

4.8 Motherboard (SATA Capable)

Our recommendations are:

  • MSI B85M-G43
  • ASRock Z97 Anniversary

4.9 Processor Fan

4.10 Case Fan

4.11 Hard Drive (SATA Capable)

This is optional when you focus on streaming one game only

4.12 Assortment of the case and drive screws

When you are a visual learner, you could watch a video tutorial on how to assemble a personal computer.

Frequently Asked Question:

“How am I going to compete with all the credible streamers on the platform now?”


There are two things to remember. You have to have the ability to connect either through your gaming skills or in the way you speak that is funny.

Secondly, you need to make them believe that you know what you are doing, and here are a few tips we can give you:

5. You must discover what you are good at

We are all familiar with the “Jack of all trades” quote, and it means you are an average of everything. You must discover what you are good at and focus only on that area—you could select a few more when you have many audiences soon.

For startups, we advise that you focus on a single field so that you can minimize the expenses such as buying for props or even the in-game purchases to stand out of the rest, which catches audience attention too.

Most importantly, it should be one of the most-watched by gamers. And the list is:

  • Fortnite
  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
  • PUBG
  • Call of Duty Warzone
  • DOTA 2
  • Mobile Legends Bang Bang (this can be played in PC with the help of an emulator software—they can be found in Google)

6. Select your channel

You may see many streamers launched their live streams on almost all the platforms. Since we want to do this budget-wise, focus your resources on a single channel, and grow in there.

Our recommendations are either of the Facebook Gaming community and Twitch. We want to select a field wherein authentic gamers can relate to each other.

While YouTube is best known to monetize when it comes to viewing counts, there are all sorts of the live stream going in there.

Your best chance to be noticed is when you do it on the right platform because they provide the right audience.

Final words

You have to put some work when you want to build a budgeted game room because we pay a premium price for a ready-made product. That is similar to cooking your meal or dining at a fancy restaurant that will cost you twice or thrice the spending.

The resources have been provided, and we have to be resourceful to be successful. Building your craft will be your pride and joy.

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