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Reasons Your Business Needs a Bilingual Answering Service
Reasons Your Business Needs a Bilingual Answering Service

3 Reasons Your Business Needs a Bilingual Answering Service

Nowadays, businesses with bilingual employees who answer the phone have the edge over their competitors. Having phone service agents who can better understand customer requests is a must.

If you are a business owner, you may want a dedicated team to answer the phone when a customer inquires or buys a product.

In many countries like the USA, one language is growing and expanding. This language is Spanish. Many travels to many countries to search for new livelihoods, businesses, homes, and families. It’s no surprise that others want to live in another country if they find a livelihood there.

People want to be understood, and your business can help them when you get native speakers who can simultaneously speak English and Spanish.

You can get more info here about the benefits you can gain from multilingual speakers. There are other languages like Portuguese and French, but Spanish speakers who need products and services are the most common in the USA.

If we look at the most spoken languages worldwide, we see how many potential customers there do not speak English.

Most Spoken Languages Worldwide
Most Spoken Languages Worldwide, Source

Many owners see the need to have people who will answer their phones whenever they are away. When these agents in the answering services department can speak other languages, other customers can express themselves better, and the business will run smoother. Your growth potential is also unlimited when you have a wide range of customers who transact with the agents, even after hours.

Why Get the Bilingual Answering Service?

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1. Real People Answer the Phone

It isn’t delightful for clients to hear the robotic voices of answering machines. They may be able to get some information in the self-service option, but if they have other questions, they will want to speak with real people who can understand them better.

Answering services are not pre-recorded messages that your customers will have to sit through and bear with.

Instead, they are real people who will take action if a client wants to book a service or give them other perks that an answering machine won’t do. Also, the customers won’t have to be forced to leave a voicemail and will become less stressed when their queries are answered.

2. More Productivity

Regular staff members who need to ship packages may have to spend long hours answering the phone instead. The company loses money if they are kept from doing its everyday tasks, especially during busier seasons.

The productivity will decrease, and you also must pay for the staff’s wages, sick leaves, vacation perks, bonuses, and more while less is being done.

You will never miss another call when you have agents ready to address customers’ concerns, even in Spanish. You can read more about the Spanish language here:

There will be a better quality of service, and you can concentrate better on doing the things that matter the most. Consistent service and regular phone calls getting answered will be some of the keys to making your business a success.

3. Specialized Knowledge in the Industry

Whether you offer accounting software or legal services, you’ll be able to get agents that are familiar with the terminologies in your industry.

Most of the time, the operators who speak bilingually can better explain the terms used in your company. These agents are well-trained to handle everything, and their jobs include understanding the ins and outs of your business.

If taking special requests and contacting essential people in your business is a must, you can count on your virtual agents to relay the messages and record them as they are.

You won’t have translation problems if the customer speaks Spanish, and you can get everything you need in one phone call. If you need more, the agents will be the ones to schedule a call back to the customer at their most convenient time.

You can also use a service like Linguise or other best WordPress translation services that automatically translate your knowledge base into up to 80 languages. This means that all the support and selling documentation will be available at a glance for the people that need it.

Bilingual Service Improves Customers’ Overall Experience

From the point of view of many clients, they may have difficulty communicating their wants and needs because their English may be limited at best.

The overall experience can be frustrating to many, and they may have to search for other companies that try to understand their needs and wants better.

The issues get resolved in no time, and the clients won’t have to take their businesses to your competitors. Deals will go through, and sales agents can quickly close deals and bookings.

When you have someone who can speak your client’s language, the agents will be able to communicate proposals, concepts, ideas, and terms in the most effective manner. The overall experience will be faster, hassle-free, and more straightforward.

Moreover, bilingual speakers can tap into a whole new market and customer base because they can search for prospects using another language.

Target audiences can expand, and rather than being limited to English, the business can cater to Chinese, French, Spanish, and other nationalities that need your business.

Agencies and Bilingual Companies Near You

Rather than worry about training employees and the overall costs of hiring someone who can speak multiple languages, you can instead go to companies that can offer you a lot of bilingual agents.

You can search the internet and see whether there are answering services near your place. You may be surprised by the wide range of options available to you.

In the meantime, you can search for a company online that offers flexibility and industry-related services. Whether you have higher call volumes, or two phone calls a day, no calls must go unanswered.

Dedicated agents who speak multiple languages are assets to your company, and you should choose the best ones that will fit your business.

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