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Save Money by Buying Your Winter Stuff in the Summer
Save Money by Buying Your Winter Stuff in the Summer

Save Money by Buying Your Winter Stuff in the Summer

If you’ll need to go winter shopping in October, why not just do it in the summer?

Yes, maybe the things you buy will have to sit around for a while. But so what?

Buying winter stuff in advance could save you a pretty penny.

Let’s say, for example, this winter you’ll need a pair of ski boots because your old pair broke, regular winter boots because you’ve been mainly wearing the same pair for 3 years, and a winter coat for no particular reason.

So, suppose you decide to begin crossing out your shopping list backward. Amazon has this wonderful thing called the “Deal of the Day”. During most of the summer, you can buy a decent winter coat for 75% off. In fact, you could currently buy a $288 Calvin Klein winter jacket for $72.99. You’ll be saving $215 with one purchase.

Let’s move on to regular boots. Let’s say you don’t want anything fancy; just enough to keep you comfy cozy. As in with the winter jackets, Amazon has the “Deal of the Day” for boots. Instead of 75%, however, the boots are only 50% off.

You can easily buy a pair of Calvin Klein boots (to match your jacket) for about $50, which instantly saves you 50 bucks!

Finally, Evo also has a summer discount. Every winter product they sell is available for significantly less right now. Some items are up to 50% off, so you conclude crossing off your list by buying yourself a pair of ski boots for $150. That means you could be, right there, saving up to $150 (given that the boots you buy are 50% off).

So far, you’ve spent $220 for things that would’ve cost you $635. You’ve saved $415! At this point, your checking account should be high fiving you.

Winter coats
Winter coats

Winter Coats

We already mentioned that throughout the summer Amazon carries out a tremendous discount. On the day I’m writing this, there are over 170 winter jackets discounted by at least 75%. They constantly change so even if they don’t currently have one you like, check a week from now. To find the deal, google the phrase – “winter coats summer deal” – and the first result will be Amazon’s page, Deal of the Day.

Many other stores also offer winter coats on sale, of course. For example, The North Face has a section of coats for anywhere between 30-40% off, Macy’s has a ton going for 15% off, and the list goes on and on.

The only downside of buying winter coats in advance is the possibility of you gaining or losing weight by the time you need the jacket. The good thing is that a coat, unlike a blouse or a shirt, doesn’t have to fit perfectly.


Unlike jackets, you will almost certainly not to have any troubles fitting in a pair of shoes you got a few months ago. I can’t say the same for kids’ shoes, of course.

At the time of writing this, Amazon has a 50% off on over 20 pairs of boots. Just run the following phrase – “boots deal of the day” – in Google and see if Amazon’s discounting a pair that looks appealing to you. Make sure you try on your boots when you first get them so that you could take advantage of Amazon’s 30-day return policy if necessary.

Meanwhile, Merrell and Ugg (as well as a ton of other companies) are currently discounting winter shoes by 30% and 50% respectively.

Hand Warmers & Heating Pads

For some, they are winter accessories, and for others, absolute necessities.

Heating pads and hand warmers are common amongst U.S. households because, between the two, they serve a lot of needs. People working outdoors, people with Raynaud’s disease or arthritis, people recovering from injuries, women experiencing cramps, and many others use warmers and/or pads daily.

Almost all hand warmers and heating pads on Amazon are currently discounted by 10%-20%. You could check out some reviews online and just buy what you consider to be the most appropriate heating pad or hand warmer for you.

Whichever one you pick, it will probably be discounted all throughout the hot of summer. You could check out some reviews here.

Those items are not expensive, to begin with, so you won’t save nearly as much as you would with the coats. Still, why not save if you can save?

Plus, the point of this post is to remind you to seek out winter necessities in the summer. The items listed here are just some items I use in the winter, but hopefully, they’ll spark your interest to look into the products you’ll need. Further, into the post, I’ll talk about how to look up products that you are interested in but are not mentioned here.

Skis, Ice Skates, and Snowboards

Even though many ski resorts are open even in the summer, many winter sporting goods are heavily discounted this time of year.

Evo, for one, offers big discounts (up to 50% off) on snowboards, skis, ice skates, ski boots, and other stuff of that type.

Like for boots, Amazon is currently not offering a 75% off deal on any winter sporting goods. That doesn’t mean that a week from now they won’t be, however.

How to Find Discounted Seasonal Products

It’s easy to find summer deals on winter products. Try searching the following phrases in the ever effective Google (use the quotation marks and pluses too):

  • “Desired item” + “summer discount”
  • “Desired item” + “discount”
  • “Desired item” + “50% Off” (try different percentages too)
  • “Desired item” + “seasonal discounts”

And any other combinations you may think of.

Final Words

Perhaps you don’t need any of the products mentioned above. But if you live in someplace that gets miserably cold between the months of November and March, you will probably be buying some sort of winter-associated products.

Whether it’s winter tires, steering wheel heaters, shovels, gloves, or other such products, there are things we can’t last a winter without. Chances are all seasonal items of that sort will be discounted during the opposing season. Of course, the same applies to buy summer stuff during the winter.

Depending heavily on what you need, you could save about $400 if you take advantage of the topic discussed in this post. In the example from the intro, we got to that amount by purchasing only three items, which we would have purchased anyway.

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