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The 3 Fail-Proof Tricks For DIY Small Business Accounting

There are so many exhilarating things about starting and running a small business, especially when you’re doing something that you really love. The fruits of your hard work reveal themselves in different ways every day, and at the end of every day you only have to answer to yourself. As …

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10 Business Leaders Who Support Immigration Reform

Business leaders have a lot of leverage in the U.S., especially with the decision handed down by the Supreme Court in the Citizen’s United v. Federal Elections Committee case in 2010. Since then, corporations have been able to contribute unlimited funds to politicians running for office. This has been specifically …

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The Low Down On Cyber Insurance

Modern business practices call for modern approaches to business insurance and that means insurance that covers a range of cyber risks. Cyber insurance (or cyber liability insurance) is becoming increasingly important as companies conduct more of their business online, store more of their business data digitally and generally occupy a …

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Capital Gains Tax For Foreign Investors

Those who work in the property sector will know all too well the financial minefield that has to be tackled when buying and selling second homes. So much legislation surrounds this area that many people find it hard to make the property trade profitable for them and as such many …

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Freelancers: What Could an Accountancy Firm Help You With?

As a fully qualified professional, you may have recently made the decision to leave your place of employment to become a freelancer. There are many benefits that can be had from being a freelancer or contractor, which is why so many people in the United Kingdom make this move each …

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