Saving Money

15 Money Saving Tips To Finance your next trip!

Money Saving Tips To Finance your next trip

You’ve been dreaming of a world trip for a long time? Freedom, nature, exotic countries, new people, discovering wonderful places and unforgettable experiences. You want to discover the whole world and travel nonstop? Unfortunately, this is only possible with money! You need money to jump in Australia with the parachute and to make a road trip in South America! Check …

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Saving money through investments and other methods

Investments are one of the ways of saving money and also increasing the money. Some of the investments are as follows: bank fixed deposits, PPF accounts, insurance policies, mutual funds, investments in long-term bonds and shares. Money can also be saved through postal life-insurance policies, long-term recurring deposits of banks and post offices. These all are the safe side investments …

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Top Five Tips to Save Money on Your Dreams Cruise

The cruise industry has been witness to exponential growth; in the past five years alone, the number of travellers has increased by roughly 33% – making the total cruise passengers for 2013 an impressive 20,976,000. Booking a Royal Caribbean cruise, like every trip, will cost you money and it’s safe to say if you could save some money on your …

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