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There’s no getting around the reality that energy prices have increased yet again this year. The best you can do now when shopping for a tariff is to choose one that meets your power needs at the current lowest possible price. Or, can you do more?

As long as you’re going to be paying elevated power rates no matter which tariff you sign up for, you may as well try to align yourself with a firm that forwards energy pursuits you want to see promoted. Compare energy sourcing methods of the various suppliers to make an informed decision. This way, your energy payments go to support a company whose business models you can agree with.

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Bringing Down Costs
Energy cost increases are impacting the behaviour of consumers who–literally–have to make uncomfortable decisions. About two-thirds of British households are expected to spend the winter shivering more often than not by turning thermostats way down throughout the season, and even forgoing the use of heating at all on certain days. An even more bitter decision rests upon about a third of the country: heat the home and go hungry, or, heat the home but lose the house for the inability to pay the rent. For these people, the latest rate increases mean hard choices that can actually spell the difference between life and death.

When you’re in a situation where gas and electricity are so dear that you have to choose between eating and heating, driving costs down assumes a primary position in your mindset. Such consumers may compare energy sourcing methods of companies, with the pursuit of inexpensive and abundant fuel becoming a main criterion for supplier selection.
Signing up with a power supplier that is leading the way in sourcing affordable fuels can support reducing the overall financial burden of obtaining fuels from expensive sources. Each pound paid to utility services seeking domestic fuel sourcing is a pound paid toward cheaper fuel.

Seek out firms that have not merely stated but demonstrated their dedication to low energy prices. Investigate companies to see who has accomplished the most in buying fuel on the cheap and passing those savings along to the customer. Also compare energy suppliers to find out which are the most prominent in the industry in actively developing methods of domestic energy sourcing and setting the stage to secure affordable fuel in the future.

With acres and acres of shale just waiting to be harvested, the UK’s gas woes could become the UK’s gas wonders. Accessing the gas and oil tucked away in the underground layers of shale would require hydraulic fracturing, a process that many people feel uneasy about. Yet, as energy price tags tick continually higher, more cost-conscious Britons are coming to recognize that fracking, managed with proper care and oversight, could be the saving answer to the nation’s high-priced power problems.

Extracting gas and oil from shale isn’t yet a UK staple of fuel sourcing, but recent events have moved the government to strongly urge a quick change in both mindset and policy to ease up the constraints against hydraulic fracturing. Southern England is poised as the first region to be probed for the inexpensive fuel. [1] Alternative Suppliers
Ebico, [2] the sole not-for-profit energy supplier in the UK, is wholly dedicated to making gas and electricity affordable for all Britons. With no tie-ins, standing charges or cancellation fees, its tariffs are offered at the same price for all customers irrespective of how they choose to pay for their energy. This alone can save prepayment customers a third off of their customary energy bills.

This supplier has earned the coveted distinction of landing in the top tier of energy providers as lauded by consumers. It ranks extremely high in giving consumers good value for the money spent, helping consumers to save money, being clear and accurate in its billing and delivering stellar customer service. [3]

Greener Pastures
If the environment is of utmost importance in your mind, compare energy methods of green companies. But do your homework: not every supplier claiming to be “green” is as eco-friendly as you might hope.

Supporting green suppliers is a more long-term means of cutting energy prices. If you can hang in it for the long run, then you might be able to help fund the kinds of sourcing methods that are kinder to the environment.

Include consideration of business practices employed by suppliers, and the money you spend toward utility services will help support the methods you want to see succeed.

M.S. Ross the author recommends to all her readers thinking of changing their energy provider to visit a comparison website. Energy price comparison sites not only let you compare energy providers but also offer some great money saving deals.

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