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How Profitable Is Cryptocurrency Trading? Tips You Need to Follow
How Profitable Is Cryptocurrency Trading? Tips You Need to Follow

How Profitable Is Cryptocurrency Trading? Tips You Need to Follow

Trading in cryptocurrency isn’t recommended for everyone but if you want to make some profit, then you should consider some facts before getting started.  Around 95% of the traders eventually fail.

Of course, you cannot trade in cryptocurrency without any pointers.

But how profitable is cryptocurrency trading?

Well, if you have the right cryptocurency broker and trading strategies with you then it is not enough.

You also need to control your emotions. Cryptocurrency trading doesn’t just involve intellectual trading. You also put your emotions in every trade. But a successful trader is one that cuts out all the emotions from his trade

Here are some points to keep in mind if you want to make a profit in cryptocurrency trading:

Crypto market

Every trader should have perfect knowledge of the market so that they can use it to their advantage.

Find out who the players are and what brings the price up and down.


There are several strategies for crypto trading. You can either invest for a long time or go for day trading. It is important to have a strategy for anything you choose to do.

Learn to read the charts and indicators according to your convenience. One of the popular strategies is that when the price is low, you can purchase and sell as it goes up. But, remember it is not as simple as it sounds. Sometimes the wait is too long (years)

Technical analysis

If you are a pro trader, then you must know what technical analysis is. Learn about price movements. Find out how volume affects trade and how indicators help in it.

If you are right with just 50% of your technical analysis, then you are already trading profitably in cryptocurrency.

Find out how to place orders

Remember cryptocurrency is 99% planning and 1% is placing your orders. Pro traders know where they have to invest in advance. They know the right time to place an order and wait for the price to come to that place.

In order to get maximum success and highest profits, it is important to first commence trading in a demo account and once you are completely professional, you can switch to a real account.

Cryptocurrency trading isn’t for novices. It is highly volatile and requires a lot of practice and effort.


Trading cryptocurrency for profit is desirable by a lot of people because of the profits it generates. But the high volatility may sometimes make you lose everything too.

Hence, it is very important to wisely invest money and choose a reliable platform like Duxa Capital.

You need to think about how much money you should use and how much you are ready to lose before heading to crypto trading. It is highly rewarding for those who have mastered this art but it takes a lot to reach where they stand now.

So, learn from tutorials, check out trading videos, take live classes and then practice your heart out in demo account and then proceed to invest your real money in crypto trading.

But, before that crypto trading cannot be profitable for anyone!

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