How to cut my energy costs
How to cut my energy costs

Cut your energy costs

Slaves of the machines, yes! We are the slave of machines and are helpless without them. In fact, we cannot imagine our lives without machines. But almost all the machines run on electricity.

Electricity is one of the main reasons of higher expenses and also disturbs the budget that one sets. Everyone wills to control the expenses and if you are one of them then go and save your Electricity power.

Saving electrical energy is not beneficial in order to save the money but also it helps the economy of the entire nation. It is not so tough to save the electricity; one only has to switch off the power button and that is it.

But there are also some more ways of saving the electricity and they are as follows. Seal the house, the fireplace impediment also is closed, set a timer on the exhaust fans as most people forget to switch them off after having a shower.

Always on the air condition when there is actually the need otherwise always tries to cool your house naturally by opening the windows. This is also healthy for your health.

Also, install the window awnings. Another way of cooling your house is by planting the deciduous trees on the west and east. They will shade your home and will cool it by 20 degrees.

You can also save the money by installing a state-certified energy ceiling fan which is 50% more efficient than others. You can also go for a solar heater or a natural-gas water heater.

It uses the electricity half of the energy uses by other electrical water heaters. Here is not the end of the list that helps you out in saving the electricity and your money as well.

One must follow them because these tips are not only pocketing friendly but also they are eco-friendly, health-friendly and will result in higher gains.

You should also replace fluorescent tubes with cost-effective led tubes.

So all these were some of the very simple ways of keeping your budget in control and following all these tips carefully and strictly will result in saving around $500 a year. It is really a great amount and I am sure you will love to have it in your bank account.

So, what are you waiting for?  Follow all these easy ways and you can save not only the money and the budget but will also save the natural resources, and our planet.


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  1. Unlike regular water heaters, portable water heaters are tankless. The unit uses a heating element wrapped inside a water coil,which heats up the water flowing through the water source. On plugging on the water heater, a pump inside the unit takes water from water source and heats it up in seconds. They need less energy. Because of there compact size, they can not heat water more than five gallons at a time. Unlike regular water heaters,which require 220 volts of electric system, portable water heaters can be plugged into 110 volts electric outlet. It is simple to use. Simply connect the water heater hose to the 5-gallon water container and turn the knob to select your water temperature. In 5 seconds, you’ll have steaming hot water.’