Eat great, save great!

Yes, that’s not a “mission impossible”! Having great food does not necessarily cost more. Cook at home and you can save the bucks while having great food. If you want to save more then do consider going to restaurants less. Having foods cooked at home can be as delicious as that of the restaurants while saving extra money. While buying the food items from the grocery follow a list that should include all the necessary items that you need within a week. Buying more at a time could lower down the price as in many cases shops offer discounts like “buy two, get one free”. Try to utilize those offers.

Having a deep fridge can help you in cutting down the cost of food in long run. You will be able to store the foods that you bought for the whole month in the deep fridge. Accountability is a great way even in saving money with foods. To closely monitor the food costs per week or per month you should keep them listed in a paper or in excel file. From there you will be able to sort out that which items you should buy and at what amount.

Deciding the ingredient amount can be helpful too, as you would spend less on price items like meat. How much meat you should consume through out the week/month can be calculated at the beginning of the week/month. Eggs are inexpensive source of protein than the meat. You can take eggs at the breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Thus you can try having more eggs than the meat to meet the need for portion while keeping the cost at a lower level. Plan your dietary items and purchase accordingly.

In most of the case frozen items are less pricy than the fresh ones. But if saving money is your point of focus than you should take frozen items as your item of choice. Moreover, with frozen foods you can decrease the amount of leftovers. You can use only the amount that you need, reseal the can and return it to the freezer for later usage. Find out discounts offered by the shops that can also save you money. You can stock up items from sales to get them at a cheap price.

Consider changing you habit of taking excess coffee or wine. They can bring negative result for your health condition. But more importantly they are causing you spend more, which you actually do not want. Set a limit for them to save more. One good habit can save you more – utilizing the leftovers. If you enjoy a roast on one day the next day you can use the remaining of the chicken to make a great curry or to prepare a delicious sandwich.