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Eco-Friendly Living - How To Save Money & Be More Green With Your Bathroom
Eco-Friendly Living - How To Save Money & Be More Green With Your Bathroom

Eco-Friendly Living: How To Save Money & Be More Green With Your Bathroom

Over the past few years, protecting our planet has become more important than ever to help save our oceans and protect our planet.

Many of us are now trying to reduce our plastic usage by using reusable products and by stopping purchasing single-use plastics.

National Geographic has a great article from a few years ago featuring some interesting and eye-opening fast facts about plastic pollution. Did you know that around 40% of plastic produced is packaging that is only used once and then discarded?

There are many handy budget tips to manage your money during a pandemic, such as protecting yourself from online scams and comparing products online before buying.

While you are stuck at home there are also many ways that you can be more eco-friendly in your everyday life, and be more mindful at home can help to protect the planet too.

If you are wanting to save money today and create a greener bathroom, then here are just some useful tips and advice that can help you learn to be more energy-efficient and more eco-friendly in your bathroom this year.

#1. Be mindful about the amount of water you use

1.1 Have a shower instead of a bath

Huffington Post has a great article on showers vs baths, and showers beat baths hands down when you are trying to save the planet and save money on water usage.

Provided you don’t take a long shower of course! As an average bath takes about thirty-six gallons to fill, a shower can use about five gallons of water a minute.

1.2 Don’t leave the sink running

Do you get into the habit of leaving the tap running when you are brushing your teeth? If you switch off the tap while you are brushing and only use the water to rinse, then you could be saving a few gallons of water every day.

If you leave it running twice a day while you brush your teeth then that’s twice as much water you’ll be wasting – turn it off so you save on your water bills!

#2. Rethink your bathroom decor

2.1 Use LED lighting or natural lighting

If you want to save money on electricity in your home, then using LED lights or natural light can help you. LED lights have a longer life and are more energy-efficient than other bulbs, making them the perfect energy saving addition to your bathroom. Utilising natural light in your bathroom with windows or skylights can also help you to cut down on electricity costs too.

2.2 Add plants to help improve the air quality

Over the past few years, adding plants to your bathroom has been a growing trend. Adding plants can help to improve the atmosphere in your bathroom and also help to purify and clean the air too. Using plants instead of spending money on an electric fan or air freshener is a more eco-friendly way of filtering the air in your bathroom.

#3. Think about the cleaning products you are using

3.1 Buy eco-friendly products

To help keep your bathroom clean and hygienic, we all need to get the cleaning materials out regularly. However, rather than using harsh chemicals and toxic substances you can use eco-friendly ones instead.

Green cleaning products are cost-effective, safe for the environment, and are healthier for your home and your family. Using cleaning cloths that are biodegradable can also help the environment too.

3.2 Go one step further with homemade cleaning solutions

Instead of buying expensive cleaning products, there are also many cost-effective ways to clean your bathroom with ingredients you might already have in your cupboard.

Lemon juice, white vinegar, olive oil, and baking soda are just some products that could help you make your bathroom shine. If you are looking for some great cleaning advice, mosaic tile specialist Mosaic Village put together their own Q&A on how do you clean mould off your mosaic tiles?

4.Switch to more sustainable products

4.1 Reduce the plastic in your bathroom

There are many useful and efficient ways that you can reduce and save on the amount of plastic in your bathroom or completely make your bathroom plastic free.

From toothbrushes to mouthwash bottles, you can reduce the amount of plastic you use by switching to bamboo products, glass bottles, biodegradable packaging, and more.

4.2 Use reusable face wipes, cloths, and cotton pads

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly way to take your makeup off, while also saving some pennies, then reusable products are the way to go!

It takes minimal effort to use reusable makeup pads as once you have used them you can throw them in the laundry to be cleaned and use them again and again.

They’re plastic free, you’ll be able to save money on face wipes, and you will be helping reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.

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