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Employee Surveillance Tool for Better productivity

Employee Surveillance Tool for Better productivity

The large scale business organizations where a number of employees are working, it is a very hectic thing for executives to keep their eye on their routine work performances. The productivity of a company really matters for employers, because they have invested heavily in their piece of business.

On the other hand, the employees waste their time within the working hours, for a number of reasons; it may cause a huge setback for a business and even worse. Therefore, employers are the community which can benefit a lot and at the same time it may suffer a lot in the shape of huge losses when employees don’t bother to work properly.

Modern technology has brought plenty of tools to help out employers to keep a close watch on their employee’s activities. Employee monitoring surveillance tool is one of its kinds that can put all the worries of the employers to rest.

Why Employees waste time in working hours?

The modern technology no doubt has served us well and has brought plenty of innovations which are very helpful for humans in every walk of life. Since the modern technology in the shape of cell phones, windows and MAC computers and pads has come into existence, the internet, and instant messaging applications really creating issues in the business organizations.

Having fast internet speed, employees Use Company’s owned devices for their own personal use such as they make gossips, send messages through social networking apps, play online games and sometimes listen to music within the working hours.

Ultimately these kinds of activities within the working hours decrease the productivity of a company and employers may suffer from heavy losses.

Other issues & Solutions

There are some of the following issues which are increasing day by day for employers. These are serious kind of issues which ultimately haunt the employers every day.

Employees spend time outside the premises of a company

The company usually has worked outside the premises, in order to supply goods to their client. Therefore, employers assigned some particular supply tasks to employees. Resultantly, employee waste time by using the company’s owned vehicles and don’t reach to the target location at given time.

Then the employer has to face complaints of their clients and sometimes lose their clients due to lazy supply work. Employees used to of making excuses such as vehicle mechanical issues which took so much time, take lunch breaks, use vehicles for personal use and even worse.

Then what should do an employer to keep an eye on their employees remotely from sitting in their offices? They can use employee surveillance app in order to track the location of employees along with the complete time stamp.

They can track the exact location of the vehicle with the help of GPS location tracker. It enables employers to view live GPS location, location history, and weekly location history and even they got power to mark authorized and restricted areas for their employees.

Employees use social media apps

The social networking apps are very popular among the people worldwide, they can do text messages, calls, voice messages and even can do chats and group chats free of cost. Employees use their smartphones devices within the working hours and make long calls which consume a lot of time and at the end, they lack with the given assignment or task.

Obviously, when an employee uses instant messaging apps on the cell phones they are compromising precious time of work and even sometimes unfaithful employees leak the company’s secrets and upcoming projects to the competitors and make money. Ultimately, employers may suffer from heavy losses.

They can come deal with the employees that Use Company’s owned devices for their personal use. They just need to Mac & Windows monitoring software in order to scrutinize the time wasting activities of the employees in order to warn them further.

The Mac & windows spy app enables employers to keep an eye on their calls which they make with the help of instant messengers such as Facebook, Skype, Yahoo, Tinder, Line, Vine and other alike.

They just need to use the IM’s social media of the computer tracking app. They can view IM’s logs, IM’s chats and conversations and also the media shared by the employers along with the voice messages.

Employee’s lazy response to work & cyber threats to data

The company which is based on the large scale must have data which have to protect the employees of the company. They have to make sure those passwords on the devices and how to prevent from the malware and malicious emails that can wipe out the entire private data of the company. Employees usually don’t bother to make heavy passwords and about cyber security threats which can blow the whole business of an employer.

The employer is the one who has invested a lot of money in the business, lack of security on the company’s owned devices may ruin the entire business. Therefore, employer shut put some a little effort to make a check on the company’s owned devices. They can use keylogger of the spy software. It empowers employers to view all keystrokes applied on the device.

They can view SMS keystrokes, password keystrokes, messenger keystrokes and even to check malicious emails by using the email keystrokes applied on the company’s devices. This will let them know all the loopholes within the security of company’s devices.

Further, an employer will come to know that how much their employees are loyal to with the company.

Employees spreading negativity throughout the office

In every business organization, there are some kinds of employees who always behave and play as a leg puller. They actually are not satisfied with their own work and don’t let others stay active and fulfill their responsibility honestly.

However, they spread negativity throughout the office and make lobbies within the employees and manipulate even employers and make gossips about other employees which they don’t like at all just because of their loyalty and honesty with their work. Employers can also get their hands on such employees with the help of spy on calls of the mobile phone tracking software.

They can record all live calls and listen to all the conspiracy they made and then save it on the internet as prof. They can even track on messages which they sent and received on the target devices. Text messages spy app allows employees to monitor MMS, iMessage monitoring, BBM chat messages and even the heads up tickers notification.


The employee surveillance tool is the ultimate solution for employees that want to keep an eye on their work performances and want to improve the productivity of the business by pointing out the black sheep.

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