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Why Fluorescent Tubes should be replaced with Cost Effective LED Tube Lights?

Why Fluorescent Tubes should be replaced with Cost Effective LED Tube Lights?

In recent past, the energy usage for the household and commercial lighting fixtures throughout the world, especially in Australia, has evolved swiftly, mainly due to the rapid growth of construction of larger industries and increasing installation of lights.

On the contrary, the energy dissipation for the lighting and business purpose has astonishingly reduced by 50%. It clearly refers to the implementation of smarter ways and choices of lights and other electrical instruments in the household and commercial arenas.

The amount of energy used on lighting depends on these three major factors to be exact:

1. Lighting fixtures that you are using

It has been seen that usage of led lights and other energy efficient structures has increased in a very notable way.

People have started to realize the fact that although it might cost a bit higher side to implement led downlights in the early stages than fluorescent or pendant fixtures, the long-term valuation of using led downlights is more energy efficient and cost-effective than of the traditional light fittings.

This is one of the major reasons for this cost-effective revolution of less power dissipation.

2. Type of lights

It is quite critical that how you choose your lighting pattern. Choosing the wrong fixture for the wrong part of your business area or household can affect your whole lighting pattern and overall productivity.

For example, if you are using high power floodlights in a commercial space where employee workstations are positioned, it will not be suiting the basic standard of your lighting pattern.

You must use tube lights or panels for the particular space to have the best possible lighting design, according to our recommendation.

Appropriate usage of lights in appropriate areas can be crucial for your energy cost.

3. Wattage and Number of hours of usage

The fact is quite well known that using lights of higher wattage for longer period costs more.

It mainly depends on the wattage. The higher wattage will eventually cost you a higher amount of expenses. But, LED lights, especially well designed led tube lights to take significant low wattage for operating.

Here, on the following graph, we are presenting a specific data where wattage and money saving rate of different lights are shown in Australia standard lighting fixtures.

LED Tubes Vs. Fluorescent Tubes Data Table

On the table, the steps depict the light output differences and the overall wattage for different lighting products like incandescent, CFL and LED lights.

It is basically crystal clear fact that, the gradual increase of lumen causes a minimum effect on the wattage of LED lights, compared to the other lighting fixtures. As a result, fewer expenses are enforced due to prolonged use of LED tube lights rather than the fluorescent tubes.

What is a fluorescent tube?

Fluorescent tubes are the low-pressure mercury-vapor gas-discharge type of electric lamps. It works through the use of mercury and neon gas creating a chemical reaction to produce visible light.

After reading the basic definition, one can easily understand that the lighting fixture is a costlier option because of the mercury and neon gas reaction and engagement facts. One can also assume; the properties are not that environment-friendly as well compared to the LED tube lights.

The user insights of fluorescent lights also derived to be less durable and overheating issues.

Whereas, rare case LED implementation has been accused this overheating issues throughout the world except the cheaper and out of quality LED lights usage.

So, choosing the right LED tube lighting option (both brand and quality) is also very important in order ensure better results.

If someone is thinking about the renovation of the whole lighting fixtures consists of fluorescent lights, a simple checklist must be maintained before that:

  • Check if the T8 fluorescent tubes are 1 inch (2.5 cm) in diameter or not.
  • Check the correct pin size, make sure the connector pins are 13mm apart which is called G13 base or not.
  • Choose the right tube length (usually 4 feet) for LED lights
  • Check your room size and select the right LUMEN for the room accordingly.
  • Choose the right type of LED tube light (Choosing T8 LED Tube lights are recommended)
  • Choose the right available supplier who has better energy saving audit for your different usage spaces

The price of updated technology led tube lights like T8 led tubes has reduced over the years. But, if you still assume that they are a bit overpriced, you can think about the overall expense of 5$ been reduced monthly, which is 70% be less by the normal fluorescent fixtures, if LED tube lights are implemented.

So, if you are an entrepreneur or a business owner, you should think about removing fluorescent fixtures and replacing updated t8 led fixtures for your commercial or residential area today.

Two-way features of energy efficiency and environmental friendliness will make you an innovating business owner surely.

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