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Top 12 High-Paying Summer Jobs Every Student Can Do

Summer is very tricky. Normally, summer’s supposed to be a relaxing season because everybody’s free.

Most people take vacations at summer because the weather is perfect for many fun activities. Therefore, most of us perceive summer as “relax” and nothing more.

Yet, if you’re a student, you shouldn’t be so quick about approaching this mindset. During your studentship years, your perspective shouldn’t be all about fun. You have a lot of energy now, and you need to spend it wisely.

Focusing on your long term future is definitely a better choice for your summertime – of course, this is in case you truly care about your professional future.

Even if it’s not the long-term run that you’re thinking of, you might still have reasons to work instead of going to parties.

You might need to pay your college education.

You might want a more relaxed lifestyle during the next semester (financially speaking).

You may want to give your spouse a more expensive gift.

These thoughts finally lead to the question every student has asked himself at least once: “What high-paying job can I take during this/next summer?” Well, during today’s post, we’ve decided to give you a hand in sorting out your best possibilities for this summer.

Let’s take a look at the top 12 high-paying summer jobs that every student can do:

1. Summer Camp Program Coordinator

If you’re good at talking to people, you need to try this job! Being a summer camp program coordinator is a very financially stimulating job and not only.

You get the chance to meet new people every day, improve your communication skills, and more. The presentations that you’ll hold will improve your public speaking skills.

Moreover, you will understand how to grab people’s attention by speaking in a certain way, using a certain tonality, and by using some special words. In addition, you get to spend quality time in a high-quality tourist spot.

2. Freelance Writer

One of the best paid “jobs” nowadays is related to content creation. Everybody needs content today – blogs, newspapers, businesses, and many other entities.

If you manage the English language well enough, you should definitely try writing something.

The freelance writing industry is big. You can write e-books, articles, blog posts, research papers, essays, and even dissertations.

As you’ve written many essays since you started college, you could probably land an essay writer job for academic content services like Wizessay. You’ll have a flexible job, you’ll be able to work from the beach, and you’ll be able to enjoy summer like a boss!

Also, you can write for different websites and blogs and get decent pay. Why don’t you check our write for us page?

3. Freelance Graphic-Designer or Web Developer

The freelance world is very broad and complex. There are many needs in the marketplace, so those who manage to fulfill those needs through the use of their skills will thrive.

In case you have designing eyes and you’re also tech-savvy, I’d suggest building websites for companies. There are plenty of graphic designing tutorials out there, as well as web development ones.

You’re going to be paid based on how many projects you turn in. The project usually revolves around creating, fixing, or designing someone’s website. This job gives you the chance to improve your negotiating skills, your ability to understand the client’s needs, and your patience!

4. Tour Guide

As a simple definition, a tour guide provides tours of a travel destination. You’ll have to deal with a lot of tourists, you’ll need to remember dates, facts, happenings, and you need to be able to present them well.

Being a tour guide has its advantages. Besides the fact that you’ll be getting between $8 to 20$ per hour, you’ll also get to enjoy meeting new people.

You might build relationships that will serve you well in the future, and you’ll learn to show amiability and professionalism at the same time.

5. Carpenter

A carpenter job usually requires just a high-school diploma as a prerequisite. This type of job is seriously recommended to those who like to work with their bare hands.

The pay rate of a carpenter is usually $20/hour, and that’s quite high compared to many other jobs. Being a carpenter during summer is not something to be ashamed of.

In fact, developing manual skills, focus, and precision is an excellent opportunity. Not many individuals get to learn how to fix things and deal with problems on their own.

If you’re a creative person who likes to create things by hand, you’re also suited for the job. You get to craft raw materials into something else, an activity which is pretty linked to art.

6. Tutor

Are you good at math? Or maybe at physics? How about English? Well, there’s a marketplace for almost anything. Have you ever thought of leveraging your hardly obtained knowledge? I guess most students don’t believe they’re good enough, but in fact, the truth may be different.

What field of education are you good at? Are you able to teach foreign kids how to speak better English? Are you good at solving complicated math problems and teaching others how to do it? These are just a few examples of questions that you should be asking yourself.

If you’re good at something, start tutoring others. They’ll recommend you to a friend, and that friend’s going to do the same. In time, you’ll build a reputation that will earn you big bucks over the long run.

7. Fitness Instructor

In case you’re a gym lover and you “have what to show”, you should start training other people. The fitness industry is extremely hyped right now, and personal trainers gain huge advantages.

What you usually need to do first is learn about nutrition – what to eat, how to eat, when to eat.

Then, you need to develop extensive knowledge about the physical exercises and workout positions. You need to know which exercise works which muscle, and you need to understand how the body grows best.

Each personal trainer has his own routine, so you get to set your mark.

8. Social Media Strategist

Let’s not forget about the digital space. Social media is huge right now, and those who know how to “deal with it” are definitely needed. Businesses rely on social media promotion. Facebook is HUGE right now, and big brands need Facebook specialists (for example).

Decide on a social media channel like Facebook or Instagram which is hot right now. Become an expert at it, learn all the tips and tricks, learn how to advertise, and learn how to be a good strategist. Then, you can apply for social media strategist positions.  Plenty of companies need you, but just with the condition that you’re professional and reliable.

9. Lifeguard

Working on the beach or near a swimming pool is definitely nice. You get to enjoy the sun each day, you sit all day long watching people swim, and you have basically no stress.

Of course, you must be prepared to take action immediately if that’s the case, but that usually shouldn’t be a problem in times of panic.

A lifeguard basically saves people from drowning, so you’ll be saving lives, making those people forever grateful. It’s just the medics and other types of emergency workers that get to save people’s lives, so that’s something worth remembering in case you’re landing a lifeguard job.

10. Dog Walker

Time is the most important asset nowadays. Not money, but time. Many individuals prefer to trade their money for their time, and that’s how the dog walking job was born.

If you’re an animal lover and especially a dog lover, you should definitely give this job a shot. The average pay rate is usually $10-$15 per hour, so it’s not something low I would say. Check this dog walker guide to find out more about what the owners are looking for when they hire a dog walker. Here’s a pet sitting platform that lets you connect with animals’ owners.

11. Nanny

You can play the nanny and earn good bucks for it. Just like with pets, people need to take care of their children while they’re working. There’s a huge demand for nannies nowadays, as most individuals have 8-hour jobs.

If the kids are too small to go to kindergarten, your service is required!

You need to look trustworthy and serious. Parents won’t easily let their children in the hands of someone who doesn’t look clean, responsible, and trustworthy.

12. Become an Entrepreneur

Lastly, even though this activity isn’t quite a job, I’d suggest starting an entrepreneurship journey. In case you always wanted to start a business, the summertime is the perfect time to gain an advantage and make progress.

Other people are having fun while you’re setting the foundations of your business idea.

Starting an online business is not a bad idea too. It requests less capital, you can do it from anywhere, and it’s quite profitable too. If you don’t feel ready enough, I’d suggest taking some entrepreneurship courses in the first place.

Read some books, watch big entrepreneurs, and stay connected to your goals. Then, you’ll need to take serious action in order to make anything happen.


No matter what job you take, it’s important that you’ve actually made your professional and personal development a priority. Most of your colleagues are having fun, but you’re doing something good for you. You’re productive, and that’s how you should be for the rest of your life.

As long as you’ve made a goal before working, you’ve managed to stick to it, and you’ve finally accomplished it, you deserve respect. I wish you good luck, and remember: working during summer is definitely a better choice!

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