Highlight Business Electricity Price Savings Data With These Handy Graph Tools

If you have conducted an energy price comparison for your company and determined that it is cost effective for you to switch, monitoring your energy savings over the course of a year is highly recommended. Taking advantage of a proposed business electricity price savings opportunity is only your first step. Monitoring your actual savings as compared to estimated savings could very well have you laughing all the way to the bank. Following are a number of tools you can use to track and compare your ongoing energy costs.


Available from Amak, the Grapher app allows you to visualize your data in graph form. Whether you want to compare your energy expenditures on a month-by-month basis or you want to compare your year to date savings for electricity, you can do so with this helpful Android app.

Graph Master

Available from Takahiro Suzuki, this iOS app allows you to plot multiple math variables. You can use this app to compare energy expenditures in the summer versus in the winter. You can use this app to compare electricity prices between multiple properties within your company. Simply by entering the appropriate data into the app, you can create colourful graphs to visualize energy spending trends.

Math Graphing

Named a top graphing app for iOS, the Math Graphing app from KyberVision Consulting will leave you amazed at all of your options. Users of this app can enter a variety of variables to see their data in chart form. From basic calculations to complex sets of data, this app can handle them all. This graphing app offers a trace function, photo album storage, and even customizable graph effects. If you are looking for one central app for all of your energy comparison needs, this app could very well be the one you need.

Graphing Calculator HD

If you are looking for a graphing app and calculation app all rolled into one, the Graphing Calculator HD app from Appcylon might just fit the bill. Not only can you see your data displayed on brightly coloured graphs, but you can also perform calculations within the app. This app’s scientific calculator allows you to plot multiple points at once, adjust your output to both landscape and portrait visualizations, and even lets you take screenshots of your calculations for email. Extremely powerful and perfect for touch screen devices, this app is a must if you want to impress others with your energy savings calculations.

Easy Graph

If you prefer a simpler approach to graphing your energy savings, the Easy Graph app from BH Soft might be to your liking. This app does not offer any extra bells and whistles. With a simple interface, this app allows you to enter data like electricity costs and temperature readings. Once your calculations are entered into the app, you can then see your data output in graph form. While the graph presentations are not likely to win you any awards for highly captivating visuals, the outputs might be just what you need if you simply want the bare facts.


If you are looking for a graph alternative with a little more pizzazz, creating an infographic might be just what you need to impress your business associates or shareholders. Infogram allows you to input extensive data and customize the look of your infographic. You can choose from a wide variety of infographic styles including pie charts, bubble graphs, and line charts. Your colour choices are completely customizable.


Piktochart is another infographic creation tool you can consider if you want to show off your energy savings data to your business associates. Whether you are presenting your data at a staff meeting or showing the savings to board members, you can display your data in stunning fashion with Piktochart. Piktochart offers both free and paid templates. You can start with a blank canvas and add custom graphics or you can choose from a wide variety of clip art graphics. You can embed your energy savings data in graph format and then surround your data with all sorts of other related graphics.

These are just a few of the tools you can consider for displaying your business electricity savings. Highlighting business electricity price savings data in graph format is a terrific way to convince onlookers that switching electric companies was a wise choice.

Laura Ginn appreciates that monitoring our energy consumption is a good way of highlighting areas where we can reduce the amount of energy that we waste. She finds the free energy saving advice on uSwitch.com very useful.

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