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How to Trade on NEO Exchange 
How to Trade on NEO Exchange 

How to Trade on NEO Exchange 

Wonder what it takes to trade on the NEO exchange? You’ll be surprised to find out that it wouldn’t cost you anything to get started.

Are you not yet making profits from the stock market? You surely are missing out on the opportunity to make extra at the end of the day.

There is no denying that the stock exchange market is filled with uncertainties, but it will also interest you to know that traders are making a comfortable income from their efforts at the end of the month. And when it comes to making successful trades, you want to ensure you are on the right platform.

What is the NEO Exchange?

The NEO Exchange is a Canadian Stock Exchange founded in 2012. And as of 2020, it has more than 90 listings. The founders, who happen to be a group of Canadian and International firms, aim to make it easy for investors, dealers, and companies, to make better listings.

They also promise to eliminate other problems faced with other markets like high-frequency trading and providing free real-time market stats for all their beneficiaries.

What to Know About NEO Exchange?

One of the priorities of the Canadian exchange is to create a level playing field. They make this possible by ensuring liquidity, which is attractive to long term investors. The two concepts of innovation and competition are both integral to the success of the NEO exchange.

In the NEO to USD market, traders are viewed from two perspectives, and you want to be familiar with this if you intend to get on board. The different types of traders on the NEO exchange are

  • NEO traders
  • LST traders

NEO Traders

These are personnel who work on behalf of investors. They are mostly assigned to clients with long-term investments who need a dedicated specialist to handle their assets. These sets of personnel could be further classified to serve the individual client’s needs better.

LST Traders

These are the latent sensitive traders who maintain their personal accounts. They operate at a high frequency and do so with automated trading strategies with state of the art technology to ensure optimum service delivery.

Benefits of Trading on NEO Exchange

Are there any plus sides to using this Canadian stock exchange? Yes, there are. For one, companies, traders, and investors stand a chance to access reliable liquidity. But that’s not the only plus side to being a part of the club. There is also a reduction in the trading time as compared to many other exchanges.

All other issues associated with the majority, such as unnecessary intermediation and quote fading, are the lowest here.

To make it simple for you to digest, you can find a list of the NEO exchange’s many benefits below:

  • Access reliable liquidity
  • Reduced trading time
  • No more quote fading
  • Increased trades with long term investors
  • No much interference from support

The link here has more suggestions on making the best of trading stocks and how to avoid losing everything.

Popular Stocks on the Exchange

If you wonder which stock options are most popular on the NEO trader, you can expect that you’ll find most of the best in the Canadian market.

You must know that the exchange is still garnering popularity across the world and has shown promises of growing at an increasing proportion in the next few years.

But one product seems to be top on the list of investors in the Canadian market, and it is no secret why.

For one, cannabis is legal in the North American country, and you can expect that the industry will be booming with potentials. So if you are looking for good stocks to enter into the market, you want to check the cannabis options.

You will also find other tops companies with reasonable offers, and you must get the right advisement team if you want to invest big. It is also best to be financially strict when it comes to trading capitals.

Only use the cash you can afford to lose, and you shouldn’t use public funds under your care. You can check here for more on how to manage your finances as a trader.

Final Note

If you intend to use the Canadian NEO exchange, you want to research some of the best stock options with a good sign of promise. And if you ask me, you want to check the cannabis section.

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