Important Tips When Buying A Rally Car

If you are planning to buy your first rally car, you should do some extensive research about it before going ahead with your decision. Any mistake can cost you a lot in time and money. Rally cars represent a niche area in the automobile market, and many people enter this niche without any knowledge about how to get the best deal. They have no idea about the vehicle that would suit them the most. This article will reveal some important tips to help you get started in buying a rally car.

Should You Rent or Buy the Car?

Renting a rally car for a short term is a good option for anyone planning to buy a rally car, someday. There are some companies offering a scheme known as “Arrive and Drive” for those people who are looking to rent a car for a short term. Buying a rally car can cost between 1000 to 250,000 Sterling Pounds. So you should buy a rally car only after you are familiar with all the details about it.

When you are certain that you are ready to buy a rally car, nothing can beat the feeling of owning a rally car. If you buy the right car, you can potentially earn a good profit when selling the car in the future. Buying a used car or settling for a part exchange can save you from the much needed up-front payment. You should be well informed about the whole buying process in order to take advantage of this.

Rally Car Classes –

The rally car niche has its own share of technical jargon and specifications. There is a large number of classes in the rally car segment, and you should familiarize yourself with it. There is the road rally car which is a slightly modified production car, and groups A, B, N and WRC or world rally car. Wikipedia can be used to check for all the characteristics of each group.

The Questions that You Should Ask the Seller –

After you begin to check rally cars on sale, you will find yourself asking various questions about the engine and other advantages of the rally car. Once you decide on a certain rally car, the below questions will help you to get the best out of the seller.

1/ Is the rally car log-booked?
2/ The mileage on each major component. (gearbox, engine, shocks and differential)
3/ Was the car home-built or factory-built? Who was the original builder?
4/ The recent competition history of the car.
5/ What parts and accessories will be given with the car. (Do you need to fit your own motor sports parts such as sump guard & bucket seat)
6/ Is the rally car road legal?

How to Get Your Licence?

Once you have purchased the rally car, you will be eager to enter competitions. But you cannot do it until you hold an appropriate licence. You can start by purchasing the Motor Sports Association’s starter pack and joining the local motor club. You can get all the information from existing members and they will be glad to help you. Asking the existing members, is the best way to get familiar with competitions. Getting to know them personally will help to integrate yourself into the rallying community. This is very important if you are planning to enter into competitions.

The Rally Car Jargon –

Works / Ex-Works – A term used for referring to a car that is factory built. It has an edge over the other cars in the public market: performance-wise. These cars are made using the best components available at that particular time.

Clubman – Describes non-works cars that are manufactured with slightly cheap components. These rally cars can be manufactured at a home or anywhere else for that matter.

Log Book – All rally cars need a valid RACMSA logbook. If not they cannot enter UK MSA events. This is a must for a rally car.

Track Day – This refers to an event held at racing venues that allows non-members to drive their own vehicles around the circuit. This can be done upon payment of the appropriate fee. Track day cars can be anything from Toyota Prius to a Robin Reliant.

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