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Increase Your Savings
Increase Your Savings

Increase Your Savings: Small Things That Can Help You

You don’t have to make major lifestyle changes and sacrifices to increase the funds sitting in your savings account. You can still accomplish this goal by making small, simple changes.

Why Save More?

Increasing the funds in your savings account can be really beneficial. You can use these savings to finally book that vacation you’ve been dreaming of or to replace your run-down vehicle. You can also use these savings to help you pay for emergencies.

Not having enough money to cover an emergency expense can be really stressful. What will you do if you have car trouble, or your refrigerator breaks down? If you don’t have savings, you can put it on your credit card, or you can go to CreditFresh to apply for a personal line of credit. This could help you manage the problem when you don’t have enough funds readily available.

However, emergency savings are the easiest way to deal with this. You don’t need to fill out applications.

You can pay right away, and you don’t have to worry about repayments — although you will want to replenish your emergency savings just in case something goes wrong in the future. You’ll want to keep that safety net firmly in place.

So, how can you boost your savings?

You might be surprised to find that it’s easier than you think.

Here are some small ways that you can do it.

Use a Change Jar

Your spare change might feel like an inconvenience that weighs down your pockets and gets lost between your couch cushions, but it’s anything but. You can use your spare change to give your savings a boost!

Get yourself a mason jar or old-fashioned piggy bank. Start putting your coins in there. Once it’s full, you can go to a coin-sorting machine to see how much you’ve collected. Add that to your savings, and then do the process all over again.

Automate Your Savings

You can save more without even thinking about it. Download one of the top round-up apps on your smartphone. It will automatically round up the purchases that you make with your debit card, sending the remainder directly to your savings account.

The payments will be small, but they will quickly add up as you shop around.

Brew Your Coffee

Do you always grab a coffee at the drive-thru or the local café? That expense may seem small at first, but when you add up your daily coffees, you’ll see that you’re spending a ton of money by the end of the year.

In fact, if you bought Starbucks coffees every day, you would spend over two thousand dollars by the end of the year — that total goes even higher when you upgrade from coffees to specialty drinks, like Frappuccinos. To bulk up your savings, you should brew your caffeinated drinks at home.

Use Coupons Online

Coupons aren’t just good for trips to the grocery store. You can use them for all of your online shopping needs, whether you’re looking for a deal on a pair of shoes or browsing for affordable plane tickets. There are plenty of browser extensions for online shoppers looking to find the best deals. It takes no effort to save yourself some money.

These changes are so small you might not even notice how much you’re saving! Try them and see!

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