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Is Insurance Really Necessary
Is Insurance Really Necessary

Is Insurance Really Necessary?

In your life, you have most likely worked very hard to achieve whatever you have. Whether that is financials for you and your family, a home, a condo, a car, or even an iPhone and a wardrobe of clothes.

Accidents can happen to anyone, and natural disasters do, too.

If you are not insured, at any point you can lose what you have worked so hard to earn.

There are many different types of insurance available, so it is important to evaluate what types of insurance you need for both your long-term and short term finances.


Whether you are single or have a family, you will want to protect your assets. Insurance protects not only in situations of crisis but also in regular situations to spend less money (such as with health insurance).

If you have built a life for yourself or your family, you do not want to be without insurance because it could risk everything, and you could also leave those you love most at risk.

Many types of insurance are necessary to ensure protection.

Prevent stress during hard times

No one knows what the future might bring in terms of tragedies, injuries, disabilities, or death. If something terrible happens in your life it is much better to be protected with insurance.

Rather than having to handle more stress on top of emotional pain and grief, having insurance prevents financial hardship from being a stressor.

Financial security

Regardless of how you are doing in your finances now, in the event of a tragedy or unforeseen event, insurance will give you financial security.

Mental peace of mind

Although money cannot fix your health, happiness, or replace your family, insurance will give you mental peace of mind. Insurance will allow you to feel secure in knowing that regardless of what happens, money is not going to be a stress factor.

Protect your heirs

There are many forms of life and health insurance, with one type offering a lump sum death benefit. These can ensure that your family has a financial future, especially in the event of an untimely death.

Types of insurance

Pretty much everything in your life can be insured. Whether that is literally your life, your health, or different forms of your property.

Generally, there are four main types of insurance that every person should have:

  1. Health insurance: Helps to cover medical costs for yourself or your family. Can provide coverage for day-to-day appointments as well as emergency services.
  2. Life insurance: Upon your death, your loved ones will be provided with financial security.
  3. Homeowner’s insurance or renter’s insurance: Purchased to insure your home and valuable possessions in the event of theft or an event such as a fire.
  4. Auto insurance: Necessary in the event of owning a vehicle.

There are many other types of specific insurance that exist as well, such as travel insurance or pet health insurance, which are typically purchased on a by-need basis.


When purchasing any type of insurance, you will need to compare policies and decide how much coverage you need, and what you would like to have as your deductible.

The bottom line is that the four main types of insurance are necessary to ensure you, your life, and your loved ones are protected. For more information, or to review policies that would benefit your life, contact Mountain Insurance, a Denver insurance company.

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