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6 Lessons Marketers Could Learn from Cryptocurrencies
6 Lessons Marketers Could Learn from Cryptocurrencies

6 Lessons Marketers Could Learn from Cryptocurrencies

Opportunities for business owners to raise from $10 million to $80+ million for their startup don’t happen that frequently. But each week for the last numerous weeks, a minimum of one cryptocurrency initial coin offering (ICO) has actually raised more than $25 million in under 3 days.

Among the greatest and most quickly moneyed, TenX raised $80 million in simply 7 minutes! I understand that seems like the kind of things that only happens in fairy tales, but it’s genuine and we can actually take some important marketing lessons from these ICOs.

There are a couple of essential principles that these blockchain businesses are leveraging in their ICOs to draw in those type of numbers.

We’re going to describe those methods in this post so business owners can acknowledge the huge fundraising chances on their doorstep.

1. Timing Is Everything

It does not matter how excellent your start-up, group, product, and services is, if it’s gone for the wrong time, it might still tumble. TenX timed the launch of their ICO completely. They are riding the upward wave of the cryptocurrency market while doing everything else right.

Early this year, the whole market has actually doubled from deserving $40-50 billion to its existing level of $100+ billion. Many speculators think the marketplace will reach $1 trillion in between late 2017 and mid-2018.

2. Resolve An Actual Problem

As we understand, worldwide entrepreneurs and start-ups that do the very best are the ones fixing an issue in a market that is starving for the service.

The most effective fundraising projects in history have actually been the ones that dealt with a big issue. In the cryptocurrency world, the huge issue is that individuals cannot really invest the digital currency in 99% of companies worldwide.

The option TenX has actually created is a debit/credit card that can be utilized anywhere without charges, so that customers can, in fact, invest cryptocurrency elsewhere.

3. Ensure There Is A Market … Then Disrupt It

Uber is a traditional example of a household-name start-up that interrupted a whole market. Uber interfered with the taxi and transport market and began a trend of services that are now worth billions of dollars.

You don’t wish to release a fundraising project and fix an issue in a little market. TenX took the time of combining fintech, blockchain, and banking, and taking advantage of the increase of an enormous international market. Then they disrupted that market.

4. A Well-Researched Pitch Is Still Fundamentally Important

Even if you have the very best technique in a starving market, you still require a well-researched pitch. In the cryptocurrency ICO world, that is called a white paper. This is a file that the ICOs utilize to pitch and describe their idea.

A whitepaper resembles a Kickstarter landing page, but in the ICO space it is more conservative, less sales-focused and describes the technical side with more information. The neighborhood is starving for genuine and creative ideas and they will avoid tacky sales techniques.

5. A Limited Supply Will Get People to Act Fast

As kept in mind above, TenX had the ability to raise $80+ million in 7 minutes. They made use of a genuine deficiency of other ICOs, offering out to obtain individuals to act quickly.

Thousands of individuals got on their computer systems 15 minutes prior to the due date, filled up their currency then mashed the mouse button at the specific second they released. 7 minutes later, TenX had actually raised over $80 million worth of cryptocurrency.

In addition to releasing an effective ICO, TenX presented PAY tokens, which are currently trading on futures markets for over $40 a token. That number might increase a lot more by the time they release on cryptocurrency exchanges, as the need is increasing substantially.

The biggest ICO return-on-investment portion to this day was through a business called Stratis, which at one point deserved 129,000% more than what ICO speculators at first paid.

6. Trust Is Still Everything, Even In Blockchain

According to Dr. Julian Hosp, the TenX co-founder, “The most significant lesson for me was to see the huge effect all our transparent and genuine communication had,” Hosp stated. “In an environment that is expected to be ‘trustless,’ it revealed to me that individuals wish to rely on somebody or something.”

Hosp put all his leading management people at TenX into customer-service functions throughout the ICO to make sure individuals understood who they all were.


The biggest crowd funding project in Kickstarter history presently stands at $20 million; nevertheless, with the increase of initial coin offerings, the biggest crowdfunding project in the cryptocurrency world is well over $150 million.

It’s clear why ICOs are the hot, brand-new method to money your startup, and TenX has actually set the requirement for a well-executed ICO with rock-star business owners at the helm.

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