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Make your home more spacious almost free of cost with our 5 tips

Make your home more spacious almost free of cost with our 5 tips

Who doesn’t like spacious rooms? Even if you have a small house, you can make it look warm and spacious just by the way you organize your furniture, choose the furnishings, color palettes, etc.

But what if you don’t have the money for it? What if you have already bought the furniture, and decided on a color palette for the house? Can your home still look more spacious? Of course, it can!

Here are the top 5 ways in which you can make your home appear more spacious almost free of cost!

Balance out your room

To make your home look more spacious, you obviously need empty spaces. To get empty spaces, organize your furniture in a way that a room looks properly balanced. It is not a good idea to cluster heavy objects in a corner and leave the other part empty.

The room must strike the sweet balance between having appropriate furniture and space. A good idea would be to keep only light objects in the area that first meets the eye when a person enters the room.

You can even leave that area as an empty space. It will certainly give out the impression of a spacious room. Try it out!

Junk out the unnecessary

In our homes, we all unnecessary objects, just sitting there, consuming space, serving no purpose at all. While re-designing your house, make a list of these objects. Look through your entire house to see the objects that are unimportant.

Make a list of these objects. I am sure you’ll be surprised to see the sheer number of items in your place that are useless. No wonder you didn’t have space!  

You should sell these items to a person or business who can use them. With the extra cash, you can buy the new items that will help you re-decorate your home.

Use counter spaces only for daily items

Look at your counter. How many items are there that you do not use on a daily basis? Maybe there’s a seasonal object in there as well. These are the items that cannot be thrown.

They are useful, although not daily. But they sure take up space. The hack, in this case, is to pick up all these items and store them in a non-visible space, for example, your attic. Look through your entire house, and clear up these seasonal items. I am certain you’ll be left with a lot of space once these items are gone.

Hang in a mirror

A large mirror(ideally the size of your couch in the room) gives an illusion of a lot of space. Also, it keeps the room aptly lit and bright, by bouncing light all around.

Hanging a mirror in one of your rooms in the right symmetry can make it look instantly more spacious. If you have a mirror just lying around in your bedroom, use it to experiment with the symmetry of other rooms. Maybe it will fit better somewhere else.

Snoop through the left-out spots

Even though it is kind of obvious, most people do not clean up the nook and crannies of their homes. Cleaning through those unknown spots will help the light fall in without friction, thereby, making the house appear more spacious.

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