Money Saving Gadgets For Recent Graduates

Whether you’re a recent graduate moving into your first post-college apartment, or a parent trying to help them, it’s important to figure out what furniture, appliances, and items to bring to the new place. It’s helpful to sit down together and make a list of each item that will be needed to furnish the apartment.

Then, go through the house room by room to figure out the essential items you need to buy: a bed for the bedroom, a plunger for the bathroom, pots and pans for the kitchen, etc.

If you’re trying to figure out how to stock the kitchen, it’s beneficial to make a list of every pan or gadget you’ll need to make your favorite foods. There are lots of basic items—such as a spatula or measuring cups—that you may not think of off the top of your head. However, you will undoubtedly need them at some point in order to cook properly! If you still need a little extra help coming up with items to bring to their new home, consider these money saving gadgets:


This is one of the pricier options, but it’s well worth it if you enjoy baking. A good mixer saves time when you’re making bread, cookies, cakes, and other recipes, so it’s a solid investment.


2.) Coffee Maker

If you’re a coffee connoisseur, buying a coffee maker is a worthwhile investment. Even if you buy a pricey coffee maker, you can quickly pay for it through making your own drinks instead of running to Starbucks every morning.


3.) Panini Maker

If you love sandwiches, a Panini maker is an absolute must. Sandwiches from Panera, Corner Bakery, and other places can easily cost around $10 a sandwich. You can save plenty of money through buying a Panini maker. Plus, you’ll get to experiment with fun types of panini recipes!


4.) Blender

A blender is another great investment because it allows you to whip up healthy smoothies, juices, and soups in mere minutes. Instead of skipping breakfast, spend a few minutes in the morning creating delicious smoothies.


5.) Glass Tupperware and Kitchenware

Instead of buying disposable plates, cups, forks, and Tupperware, spend a little extra money to invest in quality glass products. You’ll save money through not needing to constantly buy new supplies.


6.) Cast Iron Skillet

If you’re planning to scramble some eggs, make some bacon, create a stir-fry, cook up some hamburgers, or prepare a restaurant-worthy steak, a cast iron skillet is a must-have! Cast iron skillets are a versatile accessory to your kitchen, since they can be used both on the stovetop, in the oven, on a grill, or around a campfire. You can make recipes like traditional cornbread with one, or whip up some pancakes on a Saturday morning.


7.) Cookbooks or Food Magazines

Invest in quality cookbooks such as Betty Crocker cookbooks, or in a food magazine so that you can get lots of good ideas for recipes. That way, you’ll have easy access to recipes, kitchen hints, and cooking tips. Learning how to cook properly will help save money in the long run, since you won’t always have to be eating out, so make it a priority to equip them with the necessary tools!


Some things are nice but not necessary (such as a TV) and others are very important (such as a bed.) Prioritize the things you can’t live without (such as a phone) versus the things you just think would be nice to have (such as cable TV.) Check our previous article on best discounts for students. We also recommend reading  Watch Out for those Red Flags for a Better Budgeting

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  1. Just wondering wanted to get some recipe ideas! Im having chicken and vegtable paninis! We just got a panini maker! YUM!

  2. I am really craving a panini, but i dont own a panini maker. Is there anyway to make a panini without a panini maker?? EASY 10 POINTS!!

  3. has anyone used the panini pans with the ridges and the heavy press that also has ridges and you put on top of the panini? what about the grills that they call panini makers or grills? I want to buy a gift but I cant decided which one is better? any advice?

  4. I have a Krups PG7000 Panini maker. It came with a recipe booklet that had instructions on grilling chicken breast using the machine. I can’t find my recipe book and don’t know what temp setting or how long to cook.

    I tried to wing it the other day and I overcooked the chicken…. but not sure if too hot or too long. I think it will make nice chicken for sandwiches and salads if I can figure it out.

  5. ruined it simply because the leading and bottom heated metal plates had been also close to every other.
    And I ought to of only used it to make thick sandwiches (so the heated metal best and bottom components will not come to close to every other).