Money saving tips on buying computer

Now we just can’t deny the fact that our day to day living is becoming highly dependent on computers. You see, people even need computer to get tips on money saving – You are reading this using a computer! But as you are intending to save money for another unit for yourself or for a family member, let us share some financial tips so that you can get most of the bang out of the bucks. The starting point should be your group of friends, who might have double or triple units and want to sell one. In such case buying a second hand computer from a friend is likely to cost you less. Some of you may find yourselves lucky if your friends give the units to you as a give away. You can set a status on facebook or tweet announcing that you are in need of a used computer.

The suggestion started from buying a used computer. Have you got the point yet? The point is that most of us really do not need a core i7 processor based new computer coupled with high end graphics. Thus, you can win by purchasing a used computer that is sold due to that fact that it has grown a bit older. For that search your sites that cover classified ads within your locality. Buy a cheep refurbished computer that is repaired and made error free from online shops that could help in saving more, as you spend less. You need that, sure? Ok, if you need a new computer with a relatively higher price go for it. But you can save money even in buying a new computer. Buy the parts of the computer separately and then assemble them by your own hand. By this way you get more control while buying parts that can be bought at different prices depending on your need and understanding of the need.

Computer hardwires alone are not enough to run a computer. You need operating system and other software. For a cheap deal you can choose Linux box that will cost you nothing in software department. Again if you are dying to buy an apple MAC system, then the money saving deal is buying a MAC MINI. Remember that you would need to buy the peripheral components separately in that case.

Last but not the least, the buying in installment offer from the vendors may induce you to buy the system now. But as you want get most of the bang out of the bucks, it is suggested that you buy your computer by saving the amount and then paying in cash. Those installment options costs more as they are coupled with high interest rate.



If you’ve got a money saving tip, some advice, or ideas you think our audience would be interested in, then we’d like to hear from you. Now you can write about Budgeting.


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