Moving House – Common Issues & How to Solve Them

There are some people who avoid moving house literally just because they can’t stomach the trials and tribulations that sometimes occur during the process. That means that there are people living the length and breadth of the United Kingdom in homes that are either too small or too large for their requirements!

If you don’t want to end up following suit, it might be worth you taking the plunge and buying a new property that better suits your needs. It is never guaranteed to be plain sailing the whole way, but it is important to remember that many other people do the same thing each week, so you really aren’t alone in the process. In fact, there are some issues that you are more likely to see than others, so read about these here so you are prepared going forwards…

Searching for properties

Some people just don’t know where to go in order to find the right properties for sale, but there really isn’t a shortage of options in this area. All you need to do is watch a programme such as Location, Location, Location to identify some ideas that you might not have thought of already. There are estate agents, auctioneers, house swap websites, and other less traditional options too – doing a flyer drop could help you to find out if anyone is interested in selling their property.

Delays with mortgages

Another area that puts people off is the minefield of mortgages. They might sound a bit confusing with all of the rates and interest levels, but things can become a lot easier to understand if you book an appointment with a financial advisor. Whilst there can be delays with mortgages, there are often ways to ensure you can still pay for the property using a temporary measure. One such suggestion is a bridging loan, which you can read about at Some people have found that speaking to solicitors and banks at regular intervals can help to keep things on track though.

Issues with planning officers

You might only want to buy a property if you are able to build an extension or convert an attic space there. Whilst you can talk to officers about what you want to do, you will have to sort out the official requirements once you have bought the house. That is why you might want to look for somewhere that already has planning permission, or you should be prepared to live in the house ‘as is’ until your plans are confirmed. Even if there are some delays, it is best to consider the long term benefits when it comes to making improvements on a property.


Finally, some people have problems with their utility companies when moving out of one property and into another. That is why it is good practice to ensure that your bills are up-to-date at all times. Regular meter readings also can’t hurt, as it allows companies to give you more accurate bills without any nasty surprises when they do a final reading as you move out. If you want to use the same supplier when you move, speak to them about the process required as this differs from company to company.

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