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Overview of Exante Trading Broker
Overview of Exante Trading Broker

An Overview of Exante

Looking for a new broker to help with your trading journey can be overwhelming and difficult. This is because not all brokers are created equal, meaning traders must do the necessary research before committing to working with a broker. That said, if there is one reputable and trustworthy broker you should keep in mind, it is Exante.

In this Exante review, we look at its background, what the company offers, and its licenses and regulations. Keep reading to learn more about this topic.

Exante’s background:

Exante is a global investment company that provides investors with direct access to the financial markets through its client-centric trading and investment solutions. The trading firm currently has $1.6 billion in assets under management (AUM) and mainly serves high-profile clients and professionals in the financial sector.

These include professional traders, brokers, asset managers, banks, and other financial institutions. Founded in 2011, the company has over a decade of experience delivering bespoke and tailored solutions to its clients.

While headquartered in Malta, the company also has regional offices in places such as Hong Kong, Cyprus, and London.

Exante’s trading platform provides traders instant access to over 50 financial markets and instruments from a single multi-asset and multi-currency account. They also have a network of over 1,100 servers worldwide to ensure the lowest latencies and safe data transfer.

Licenses and regulations

Those wondering whether Exante is a reputable trading firm will be pleased to know that the company is regulated and licensed in all its regions. In the UK, Exante is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

In Malta, the company is licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority and is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. This means it can provide financial services to retail and corporate clients, including trading and investment purposes. In Hong Kong, the Securities and Futures Commission licenses the investment firm. In Cyprus, Exante is licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.

Exante is also subject to MiFID II requirements as an EU-based investment firm. The MiFID II is a legislative framework that regulates all financial markets in the EU and improves protection for traders and investors.

It covers nearly every asset and profession within the EU financial services industry and regulated off-exchange and over-the-counter trading. The aim of MiFID II is to standardise practices across the EU and restore confidence in the financial sector. More specifically, Exante will separate their assets from their client’s assets and safeguard the latter on segregated accounts in major banks.


Traders who wish to diversify their portfolio will be happy to know that Exante has many markets to choose from. Exante offers over 600,000 financial markets in their robust trading platform in over 50 markets. This includes the US, EU, and Asian markets, directly accessed through traders’ all-in-one multi-currency accounts. With over 1,100 networks, Exante ensures the lowest latencies possible when trading, alongside incredibly safe data transfer.

Some markets traders can trade include stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), precious metals, bonds, funds, and currencies. There are even instruments for derivative traders, such as options and futures.

Exante also boasts incredibly transparent fees and commissions, which can be found on its trading platform or official website. There are also no account maintenance fees, and commissions are generally only for trading and withdrawals.

With so many financial instruments, traders can easily personalize and diversify their financial portfolios to their heart’s content. This is an incredibly easy and efficient way of lowering risk when trading. The brokerage firm also allows traders to contact customer support if they want more exotic instruments or further customizations. You only need to request them; they will add them within 24 hours.

Customer service

You will be glad to know that Exante provides top-notch customer care for all its clients, whether you are a professional trader or not. Their customer support team is available 24/7 around the clock for any query.

Clients can contact them either by phone, email, or chat. If your first language is not English, do not fret. Exante has you covered too. Their support team provides multi-language support in German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and more. Exante’s official website also boasts that their customer support team will respond to any queries in under three minutes after receiving the request receipt.

Aside from their customer support team, Exante also provides a personal approach to managing people’s trading accounts. Exante allocates a dedicated account manager to every single customer.

The manager will help to guide you through their trading platform and help with any OTC deals and issues that may crop up. On the whole, Exante encourages personal communication, when possible, especially through face-to-face meetings across the globe.

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