Paying less for gaining more from books

Books are treasure caves. You may enter into the cave to discover the jewels and keep them for yourself without being attacked by the pirates! But there is a cost to arrange that discovery – price of the books. You can follow this article to save on books.

Using the library is always a cheap way to read books. You can become member of a nearby library at a very cheap rate to get access to their huge collection. Some libraries do not allow taking books at home and some do. Whatever policy the library maintains, you will be at a winning situation by staying with them as you can save about 90 percent of the cost that you would otherwise incur by buying books from the market.

Swapping books with friends and colleagues is another one that book lover parties widely when possible. You can also try that. But what if you do not have such relations who read books as much as you? There are services like PaperBackSwap that let you have a book from them and give you back 1 point when you return the book. With that one point you can have another book from them. Isn’t it lovely?

As always you can buy used books at a cheap price. Contact nearby shops that deal with used books and magazines. You can get old edition magazines at a very low cost.

Online libraries like jstor keeps highly priced research papers which you can access with a minimal fee per month. Those research papers can be 10 to 20 times higher in the local markets. A membership in such services can help you in saving the hard earned money.

Before going to buy a book, especially research oriented, look it up in the Google books. You may be lucky enough to get the full book at free of cost. If not, at least you will get a brief collection of pages from that book. Those may be enough for you!

To buy new books you can go to where they even sell new books at a half price. Again the option of bulk buying is also open. Wherever you buy books from – online or nearby shop, there is often some sorts of “buy two, get one free” offer.

Lastly, the Guttenberg project is a source of free books that you can get from their online library at any time with no cost.

If you’ve got a money saving tip, some advice, or ideas you think our audience would be interested in, then we’d like to hear from you. Now you can write about Saving Money.



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