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5 Charming Places to Visit in the Midwest
5 Charming Places to Visit in the Midwest

5 Charming Places to Visit in the Midwest

The midwest is known for its incredibly welcoming atmosphere and comfort foods that will make you feel right at home.

Although it’s not always at the top of the list for travel, these cities are some of the country’s most incredible places. Instead of going for another cliche beach vacation- these are the best cities to visit in the Midwest!

Indianapolis, IN

Famous for good deeds, like how food delivery trucks routinely pass out meals to homeless citizens, it’s no wonder so many people love this city.

Although no real nickname has stuck, with visitors bouncing between names like America’s Crossroads, this city should be called the heart of America.

The welcoming atmosphere and delicious food of the area will welcome you in and leave you searching for Indianapolis houses for sale.

Brainerd, MN

This small and unassuming town might be a place that most looks past, but it’s got enough history and warmth to it that makes it worth the stop!

Brainerd, most famous for being where the 1996 dark comedy Fargo was based, is a little town in central Minnesota. What it’s missing in population, it more than makes up for in charm and beautiful views.

When Christmas excitement flares up in the winter, the whole town puts out their best decorations and lights. This time of year is also when you can catch people being the most welcoming and sweet because it’s like everyone is family in Brainerd.

Columbus, OH

Columbus is one of those cities whose names are well known. Whether you know it because of sports or you’re a fan of rich history- Columbus has it all.

Please get to know the area, enjoy a historical tour to learn about how far our nation has come, or enjoy the lively bar scene where people celebrate living in such a great city. You’ll learn something new about Columbus every day and won’t regret staying.

Des Moines, IA

Although Cedar Rapids may be a more well-known vacation spot in Iowa, that doesn’t mean it’s the only good one! Des Moines has a lot of fun and intrigue in store for anyone; from the Pappajohn Sculpture Parks to the gorgeous river views, this little metropolis has been making a name for itself in recent years.

Although it’s small and still growing, many see it as the perfect place to settle down and raise a family because of the warm people and fantastic real estate prices.

Madison, WI

Steeped deep in its history, since before European settlers, Madison holds its own on this list of cities. There’s a social awareness most of the residents here have that makes them easy to talk to and learn more about.

You’ll love learning more about the city’s deep past while also getting to take the time to meet the fantastic people and great food. Don’t be afraid to lose yourself in Madison, Wisconsin; you’ll want to stay in this city for the rest of your life!

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