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Playing Online Games Should Be Affordable [We Show You How]
Playing Online Games Should Be Affordable [We Show You How]

Playing Online Games Should Be Affordable [We Show You How]

Entertainment in all its forms is as affordable as it has ever been, with music, tv shows, movies and sports content all being made available by cost-effective streaming services. Speaking about movies, here you can watch movies online for free.

However, one place where these savings have not been passed down is in the gaming sector, with many console titles costing as much as a fancy dinner for two.

In this article, we go on a hunt to find the ways that gaming enthusiasts can game away to their heart’s content without having to break open the piggy bank.

Playstation Now Free trial
Playstation Now Free trial


Playstation Now’s free trial is a must for all gamers, especially if they plan to pick up a Playstation 5 in time for Christmas.

Make the Most of Companies Scrambling for Market Share

As is the case with many other companies looking to entice new customers, games developers and publishers are always throwing out incentives to catch the eye.

Some of the best of these for the consumer are Playstation’s streaming platform called Playstation Now, which offers a 7-day free trial.

Similarly, the Xbox Game Pass only costs $1 for the first month. Meanwhile, for those who prefer mobile games over first-person shooters or open-world games, oddschecker pick out all the best free spins offers, none of which require you even to deposit to start playing.

Microsoft Xbox Game Pass
Microsoft Xbox Game Pass

With many gamers taking their hobby more seriously, it is essential to find ways to cut down on costs, so that financial restraints never get in the way of your gaming experience.

Playing on Mobile is Always Cheaper

If there is one area of gaming that is skyrocketing, it is that of mobile gaming. With gaming firms scrambling to take advantage of the trend, trying to sign up as many new players as possible, many are making their top titles free-to-play for mobile gamers.

A great example of this is PUBG, which when played in its standard online domain is a game player must shell out for, but on mobile, it is entirely free.

There is also nothing to stop people from playing the mobile version via a PC, as long as you are willing to sacrifice a few in-game options and features.

Steer Clear of In-Game Purchases

Of course, there are plenty of games out there which are entirely free to download and play, with gaming companies calculating that they will make their money back through in-game purchases.

For a gamer who is on a budget, it can sometimes be all too easy to get roped into making in-game purchases while playing Genshin Impact or Fortnite, but at the end of the day, all the best online games can be played, to some extent, for free. The cost-conscious gamer should always keep that in mind!

Retro Arcade Consoles Come with Multiple Free Games

Not so long ago, one of the ways we would have been encouraging gamers to save money was to buy their games on the second-hand market, with many deals to be had for classic games that still more than stand up in today’s array of poorly executed gaming titles.

However, the enthusiasm for secondhand games has in some cases forced their prices through the roof, with many classic titles for defunct consoles and PCs now selling at auction for ludicrous amounts of money.

Thankfully, some companies have found a way to make retro games cheap again. This is in the form of replica retro arcade consoles which come ready installed with a whole pack of games, meaning each one costs around a dollar apiece. The Super Retro-Cade from Retro-Bit is one of these, but there are plenty of others out there too.

Free Gaming Offers Aside – CloudGaming Platforms Rule

At some point down the line, a game or a batch of games will come along that leaves you no choice but to get your wallet out, forcing you to partway with a portion of your hard-earned dinero.

When that time comes, it may well be time to hold your breath and jump headlong into the new world of cloud gaming.

This is because the likes of Xbox Game Pass, Playstation Now, and Steam for PC, enable their customer to access all the games that exist on a cloud for just one low monthly fee.

As we already mentioned earlier in the piece, many of these cloud platforms are keen to prove their concept works. They are willing to give away discounts for first-time subscribers, but beyond that introductory period, they are also well worth the money.

After all, when throughout history have a whole library of brand-new games all been available to a player who pays a low monthly subscription?

The key overtime will be juggling these cloud services, making sure you stay loyal to the ones that offer the best value for money at all times.

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