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Make Real Money With Sports Betting in 2021
Make Real Money With Sports Betting in 2021

Make Real Money With Sports Betting in 2021

Most often, gamblers bet on sports events. With a competent approach, it allows you to make good money. But it should follow specific rules that will help reduce the risk of losing and use the 22Bet Uganda welcome bonus to make more profit.

Don’t Place Big Bets.

First of all, you should not make large bets that exceed 20 percent of your bankroll. The risk of losing is always present, and you should stick to the rule of bankroll control, which states that you should not bet more than 5-7 percent of the bankroll.

Follow Your Strategy

When it comes to betting, follow specific strategies. There are now quite a few of them, and you can choose several of the most suitable ones. It is better to practice your predictions on paper first so as not to risk your money. After gaining valuable experience in predicting and testing any strategy in practice, you can move on to betting for money.

The most profitable strategies are the following:

Dalamber Strategy.

The meaning of this tactic is to increase or decrease the bet amount by a conventional unit each time when the bet ends with a loss or a win, respectively. For example, allocate $100 for the bet. And you lose. The next bet should be made for the amount of $110. If everything ends with winning, then again bet $100 and so on.

Overtaking by totals

You have to bet in Live, and if you lose each time to increase the bet amount by two times. This betting strategy is most often used for volleyball. To do this, you should find a suitable match, namely the one where the game is tied 23-23, betting on under 48.5. The odds on such an outcome will be about 2.


In this case, bets are made on the same amount. It cannot be changed depending on the bank’s size or the probability of the event passing. This is a relatively simple strategy, which is recommended to begin with for beginners. But since it lacks flexibility, it isn’t easy to be in the black over long distances.

2-6 Strategy

It applies to all types of sports. The point is that the user needs to win two events out of six to derive an income. It is necessary to bet on the outcomes with the odds of 2. To insure yourself in case of failure, experienced bettors advise dividing the bank into two or more equal shares. If the odds are less or more than 2, the multiplication is subject to adjustment. So, the next bet will win back the previous stage. The cycle should be stopped and restarted in situations where two predictions come out of it.


This strategy of betting on sports is suitable for users who wish to bet with minimal risk. It is necessary to make bets on odds from 1.10 to 1.40. The player makes the first bet. If it turns out to be winning, the proceeds go to the second bet, and so on.

It is necessary to determine in advance how many steps of the ladder you want to pass, and if all of them will be successfully overcome, the way will need to start over but already with a profit in the pocket. Yet, it must be remembered that even the favorites often lose, and the lowest odds may not work. So, you can lose your own money. Thus, the choice of events for betting should be approached with great care.

Forget About Emotions

After losing and while predicting, many players get emotional, which affects their decision making. To make successful predictions, you should not try to win back after a disappointing defeat or make mindless bets in a fit of desperation. If you’re feeling emotional or gambling, take a break and return to the betting site when you regain your composure.

Don’t make hasty decisions. In a moment of stress, a person makes decisions based on 5% of the available information, which of course, is not enough. You have to learn to tell yourself no and to stop. Then the percentage of bad decisions will be much lower.

You should breathe deeply. It’s not just a mantra when a person in a stressful situation is advised to breathe deeply. When we are stressed, we get less air. It makes our brain work less efficiently. A few breaths in and out will also help calm down.

At the moment of defeat, players are often only focused on it. Yet, the truth is that one lousy bet is not the end of the world. What’s more, one bad bet doesn’t make the weather for the big picture. Look at everything from a perspective. If you play carefully and manage your bankroll wisely, one loss won’t seriously affect your long-term results. And even if you lose a lot, it’s just money that comes and goes.

Prepare for a Long Run

It would help if you always remembered that making money on bets is a challenging and time-consuming process. To win in the long run, it is necessary to continually monitor the news, game form, injuries, etc. Before the match, when making a prediction, you should consider all the details, including the statistics of performances, motivation, the possibility of replacing the leading team players with substitutes, etc.

Before making a bet, you should first evaluate the teams’ chances of winning or calculate the number of possible goals scored, then compare them with the odds and values given by the bookies. It is advisable to have accounts in different bookies. So, you can bet on the most favorable odds.

Statistics Is Only 30% of Success.

You can’t place bets based on statistics alone, although its role is one of the most important. The success of a registered chance is composed of four components:

  • Statistics.
  • The current level of play of the team or athlete.
  • Motivation to fight.
  • Luck.

The bettor should first study each team’s statistics, find out their current level of play and clarify their motivation to win. Then compare all this and choose a bet where the luck factor should not be forgotten.

Avoid Betting Before the Game

Sometimes, it is better not to bet before the match if you can bet on the live mode team. The first minutes of the match can change the player’s decision and prevent surprises. Also, betting in the match’s course allows you to adjust your predictions and minimize losses in case of a loss.

Don’t Place Bets on All Matches.

Don’t bet on all matches in a row. It is better to choose only those events where you can be sure of a positive result.

It’s not the odds but the winnings at the bookie. It is not advisable to bet on friendlies because the coach can put on the reserve line-up and try out experimental schemes so that the result might be unexpected.

It is also not recommended to bet on events with odds below 1.1. The amount of money won will be insignificant, and losing the money will be quite significant.

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