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Save Money When Buying Kitchenware

How to Save Money When Buying Kitchenware

The prospect of outfitting your kitchen with all new cookware and appliances is an exciting one. However, a dream project can turn into a nightmare when you catch a glimpse of that price tag. Luckily, saving money on kitchenware has never been easier!

Here are a few tips to help you pocket a few extra dollars when buying kitchen goods.

#1 – Buying at the Right Time

Consumer Reports show that the best time to buy is in November. To prep for the busy holiday season, most retailers discount their cookware products and use them as a form of incentive to buy other items in their store.

Especially with big blockbuster sales such as Black Friday, you can get higher-quality kitchenware for a low price.

#2 – Opt Out for Big Name Brands

The brand name doesn’t determine the cookware. Believe it or not, high-quality cookware tends to be from brands that aren’t as well recognized and receive fewer endorsements as other large branded kitchenware products.

So, while doing your shopping, keep an eye out for mid-range cookware that will offer you better quality than large-range brands.

#3 – The Best Deal May Not Always Come with The Lowest Price Tag

There is more that goes into the cost of a product than just what you pay upfront. You must also consider the cost of operating, cleaning, and maintaining the product.

For example, a cheap ice machine may look more attractive at first, but in the long term, it can cost you more for repairs and cleaning. Before you begin shopping, read more about the cleaning and maintaining costs.

#4 – Buy Open-Box Items

Refurbished and open-box kitchenware products can save you hundreds of dollars when compared to brand new ones. Plus, consumers that return their products only have a small grace period, meaning that they are most likely still brand new.

#5 – Don’t Choose Only One Brand

The worst thing you can do when buying kitchenware is choosing a complete set from only one brand. For example, sets often come with tools like multiple sauce pans or a potato masher.

Though you may never use these, the cost of these pieces is still included in the price of the set. Instead of choosing a whole set that can cost a big chunk of cash, look for individual kitchenware that better suits your budget and kitchen style.

#6 – Compare on Different Sites

This may seem like common sense for those web-savvy buyers, but a surprising amount of people don’t bother to check out different sites to buy their kitchenware. After all, there are dozens of sites out there such as Amazon, Google Products, and PriceGrabber, it’s insane not to give it a go.

Plus, there are also dozens of smartphone apps to try and reduce your shopping expenses.

#7 – Check Out Customer Reviews

There are hundreds of reviews sites layering the web, but the most common one to check out is Amazon. There are millions of trusted buyers who offer inclusive reviews to help you find the best product. Not to mention, people even review products directly on social media platforms for you to view and compare.

#8 – Holiday Sales

Nearly every retail store has some variety of sales during most holiday seasons. Black Friday isn’t the only time to shop for discounted kitchenware. There are plenty of opportunities for you to find reasonable pricing for your much-needed appliances year-round.

#9 – Price Match Guarantee

A lot of retailers are getting into the habit of boasting price match guarantees on their products and price matching their competitors during checkout to offer you the best price possible. For example, Best Buy price matches all competitors, as well as Amazon who is an online retailer.

#10 – Use Discounted Gift Cards

There are a few websites around that sell discounted gift cards. These can open up tons of saving opportunities.

One popular example of this sort of website is Gift Card Granny. Plus, much of the savings that you will earn in your credit card’s cash back program can help unlock other rewards that can help benefit your wallet.

#11 – Find Energy Rebates from Your Appliances

Your newly bought appliance may be offering you a couple hundred dollars extra to put in your pocket. For example, many new EnergyStar certified appliances are eligible for rebates up to $300, all you have to is redeem it.

#12 – Forget About the Extended Warranty

Most of the time, these extended warranties are not necessary. In fact, that often provide more for the retailer than they do the customer.

Skip out on the extended warranty and simply pay attention to the manufacturer’s warranty. Plus, if you read the reviews and do your research, you won’t even need to worry about your new product breaking down.


With so many different ways to save money on kitchen products, there is no excuse to pay full price for anything.  Do your research, check for discounts, and be smart about your purchases. In no time, you will have a beautiful kitchen that will cost you next to nothing.

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