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How To Save Money In Different Types Of Office Space
How To Save Money In Different Types Of Office Space

How To Save Money In Different Types Of Office Space

Office spaces come in a variety of different sizes, shapes, and designs. Whether you work from home or work in an open co-working office, there are many great ways that you can save money and save on either your business costs, your personal costs, or both.

While business owners can save on their office space costs and the costs of running an office, employees can also save on commuting costs and their personal finances.

If you are considering starting your own business then this start-up checklist will help you make sure that your business is prepared and ready to go.

By saving on money at work you are able to become more efficient with your spending and be able to save more money for things that you may need.

1. Contiguous office spaces

A contiguous office space involves offices that are within the same building, and are either on the same floor or on different floors.

Usually, companies that require multiple workplaces for various departments lease contiguous office spaces so that they don’t have to invest in an entire building for their own company.

For example, businesses that might have different departments such as HR, merchandising, marketing, and accounting, can use contiguous workspaces to be located in the same building.

  • Save on paper usage – One way that you can save money in this office space is by saving on paper. It might be useful to consider whether the paper you are using is essential or whether an email or a phone call might be better methods of communication.
  • Save on ink – As well as saving on paper, you might also want to consider saving on printer ink too. If you really need to print something, then perhaps consider printing in black and white rather than colour to save on any essential printing you cannot avoid.
  • Buy office supplies in bulk – When you next make an order for office supplies and equipment, it is worth considering other departments needs in case they need anything too. That way buying in bulk can help you to reduce costs in the long run.

2. Co-working office spaces

Co-working spaces are another common office space for businesses and are usually set out in one big open office. These types of spaces also include meeting rooms and breakout rooms to promote coworking and collaboration among colleagues.

If you are asking yourself, is co-working space right for your commercial building?, it might be beneficial to look at the growing number of co-working spaces worldwide and consider whether it’s the right type of workspace for your business.

This type of setup is ideal for startups and small companies that need space to brainstorm and develop pitches together as a team.

There are many amazing benefits of coworking such as improved flexibility, better networking prospects, and less office expenditure etc.

  • Bring your lunch to work – Rather than using the building’s cafeteria or heading to the local shop for some lunch, you can save a lot of money every month by taking your own lunch to work. Instead of purchasing a meal deal every day, preparing food at home can help you save on the pennies.
  • Skip the coffee run – It can be all too tempting to head to your favourite coffee shop before, during, and after work. Sometimes there’s nothing quite like a coffee shop cafe latte or cappuccino. However, skipping on the regular coffee order can help you save! With many coffee brands making sachets and pods available in supermarkets, you can still enjoy high-quality coffee without spending too much.
  • Opt-out of some social gatherings – Does your coworking office go for after-work drinks regularly? Sometimes it can be best to skip drinks now and again to save on some money, especially if your night out involves getting a meal and a taxi too.

3. At-home office spaces

If you happen to work from the comfort of your own home there are so many ways that you can save yourself money. Working at home can mean that you are more aware of the money that you are spending, whether it’s on electricity to power your laptop or the more food you purchase for lunchtimes at home.

Just like any other type of office space, you can also save money on your printing too. Whether you are working from home permanently, or just for a brief period of time, saving money should still be on your list of priorities.

  • It reduces travel expenses – Working from home means that you won’t have a regular commute to do to and from work. This could save you a lot of money on petrol, train tickets, or taxi fares.
  • Be more energy efficient – Remote working means that you might end up spending more on electricity as you use your laptop or computer for hours every day. However, you can still save costs by being energy efficient. Rethinking about whether you need to print documents, using natural lighting for your desk, and turning devices off when not in use are just some useful things to consider.
  • Use free tools to stay in touch with colleagues – Just because you are working from home doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot of money using your landline or work mobile to make work calls. Instead, make the most out of free tools like Zoom and Skype for video calls. Just be wary that tools like Zoom only include basic features in the free package.

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