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Why Do A Section 1031 Exchange
Why Do A Section 1031 Exchange

Why Do A Section 1031 Exchange

Everyone wants to own some sort of property. Whether it is a house or car, it is something that you will always be proud of. It is also an investment for the future since no one knows what is going to happen next.

You can easily use these properties as your own or start another business. Most of these investments are flexible enough for that.

However, some issues come with this concept. One of the main ones is you must pay for taxes. This is a normal occurrence for almost every purchase that you could make in your lifetime.

It is more vital for properties though, as the taxes involved with them are used for government policies and development as this page tells us. Moreover, this would benefit society in general as long as it is put to good use.

Regrettably, these taxes can be quite high especially for land areas. Based on the data provided by the government, they take no less than 15% of the total revenue from this property as tax.

In California however, this is down to 9.5%. Nevertheless, this is still such a big amount especially when you need to consider the entire price of the property.

Also, this will not change until you are already dead but your income might. This ends up being an issue for those who cannot pay the same taxes anymore. They tend to sell it so that they can have a profit.

On the other hand, there are numerous ways for you to make sure that you can still pay off this tax. For example, you can defer this amount so that you will not pay it for the meantime.

The 1031 Experience

Let’s start with the basics. Section 1031, also known as 1031 Exchange, is this program. It is designed to make sure that you are still using your properties as a way to develop income.

As we all know, everything that we do in this country has a tax. As long as it requires a monetary transaction, then it is taxable by the government. As we have mentioned before, the ones on property tax are some of the highest in this category. This is why it is a great decision if you can convert it using 1031.

There are so many avenues that you can explore with this option. There was a time when there were many other types of properties that can be used in this process.

However, it was changed so that real estate and other personal types of properties can be converted into 1031. You have to have someone who can do it for you though, and this is where an intermediary comes in. They are responsible to oversee the entire process for conversion.

Why Convert to 1031


As an investor, it is important to look into other means for you to make money. Many people believe that looking only in one field can make you a better investor.

After all, you would be focusing on just one area of business. This way, you would be able to familiarize yourself with what is going on and keep everything together rather easily. Read more about it here:

However, there are pitfalls by just focusing on one area. For one, there are going to be times when that kind of business venture will fall flat in the world market.

If this happens, then your entire operation will be affected by this event. On the other hand, having a diverse portfolio of your investments means that you can see which ones are profitable now.

Other Options for Property

As mentioned before, it is better to look for other business ventures than just staying on what is working at the current moment. Sometimes, it is better to look for a property that is already getting managed by another system.

This way, you would not be affecting your workload that much especially if you have other ventures to think about.


There are also cases wherein you may want to merge one property into a single entity. In this process, you would end up managing a few of them at a time.

You can easily focus and see which ones are getting weaker while others are gaining more income. On the other hand, there are also advantages of dividing the properties altogether. This adds up to the diversification of your portfolio and easier management of taxes.

Depreciation Reset

As you might be aware, depreciation is the concept of downgrading a property’s value. This is usually referred to built and existing investments like cars and buildings. They might have been expensive when you have originally bought them. However, times pass by and this affects the prices of these properties.

When you do a depreciation reset, you will be adding this amount to the entire cost of the investment. Originally, this is supposed to be subtracted.

Due to the conversion to 1031, there is no need to worry about the depreciation costs. Instead, you can focus on looking for other properties to invest in.

Converting to 1031 can be puzzling especially to those who are not familiar with the concept yet. This is why you need to have someone who can assist you while trying to navigate this system.

There are a lot of companies that offer this kind of service, so you might need to check them out.

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