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Social Distancing Floor Graphics
Social Distancing Floor Graphics

What You Should Know About Social Distancing Floor Graphics

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, many countries have been on partial or total lockdown. The pandemic interfered with businesses and family life. The virus spread faster through direct contact with infected surfaces and people.

Therefore, there was a great need to reduce the number of people that come in close contact with each other.

How COVID-19 Affected Businesses

As the pandemic progressed, more restrictions were made, but they affected the economy negatively. However, these restrictions were later relaxed, and the government allowed the opening of essential business establishments such as pharmacies and shopping malls.

These businesses must comply with specific health guidelines that would limit the spread of the virus. Some of these guidelines are:

  • Providing PPEs to staff members and customers
  • Providing soap and water
  • Maintaining good hygiene in the buildings
  • Rotating staff members (encouraging shifts based on time)
  • Carrying out risk analysis
  • Encouraging social distancing

Of all above mentioned mandatory guidelines, one of the most effective non-medical ways of preventing the spread of this virus is to practice social distancing.

You may want to visit to see more guidelines.

What is Social Distancing?

Social distancing, also known as physical distancing, maintains a distance of at least six feet or 2 meters between two persons.

Practising social distancing is not always easy, especially in business or medical care facilities such as supermarkets or pharmacies.

Customers, patients, and staff might not be able to know the exact distance to keep. To avoid this situation, many essential business places are utilising floor graphics.

These signs help their staff, the customers or patients to maintain the right distance between one another.

What Are Floor Graphics?

Floor graphics are specialised signs that are easily installed on floor surfaces and can serve various purposes. It can be used for direction, brand advertising, and disseminating a piece of information.

Therefore, social distancing floor graphics are signs or stickers specially designed to inform individuals about the maximum distance allowed in the location. They also promote specific guidelines that will control the spread of this virus.

Why Social Distancing Floor Graphics Are Vital in Controlling COVID-19 Spread

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) came up with the distancing measure. They concluded that maintaining a distance of 2 meters or at least 6 feet is efficient in monitoring the coronavirus pandemic’s spread.

COVID-19 is an infectious virus that is transmitted through droplets of an infected individual to a healthy individual. Without social distancing measures, the virus will spread rapidly.

This explains the importance of floor graphics. They contain straightforward and clear messages to help people remain at safe points from one another.

Features of Social Distancing Floor Graphics

The features of social distancing floor graphics include the following:

1. They Are Easy to Install

They are not hard to design, print, and place on the floor. They are an effective way of reminding customers about how they can play a part in controlling the COVID-19 pandemic. These signs can be placed on different floor types, outdoors at the car park or inside shopping and office complexes.

2. They Are Durable

These graphic signs are made of vinyl material and then customised using wear-resistant ink. These materials are pressure-resistant and durable. Therefore, the signs can withstand wear from being constantly walked upon and harsh weather conditions when installed outside.

And when they are removed, the stickers will not leave any residue on the floor. You may want to click here to learn more about vinyl tile.

3. They Convey Important Information

With a simple and clear message that can be represented with signs, drawings, and written words, these graphics pass information to everyone.

These signs can help direct traffic, aid customers, and inform them how to maintain distancing. They also contain helpful guidelines that will minimise the spread of the virus.


Business owners and medical care facilities have been implementing the use of floor graphics in their establishments. These graphics are durable and have other advantages, as we shared in this article.

If carefully followed by customers and patients, these signs will prove to be an effective way to curb the spread of COVID-19.

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