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Saving money through investments and other methods

Investments are one of the ways of saving money and also increasing the money. Some of the investments are as follows: bank fixed deposits, PPF accounts, insurance policies, mutual funds, investments in long-term bonds and shares. Money can also be saved through postal life-insurance policies, long-term recurring deposits of banks …

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Some money saving secrets

Listening is something which is not so liked by an individual in general. But if it is about saving money, then everyone loves to listen and read. So, here is some money saving tips, by following them one can have a wallet always fill with money. The best way of …

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Always plan a monthly budget

You must be thinking that monthly budget has been planned with all the families, then what is so different about it this time. Well, planning a monthly budget and following it is not the end of the process. It is very important for an individual to plan a budget in …

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It is One Coin after Another

Saving money can be very enjoyable. To better understand the most preferable strategies you can use to save and enjoy, it is necessary to highlight the saying that says; a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. You don’t have to always worry every time you’re here …

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Budgeting Secrets You Might Want to Know

When it comes to tight budgeting, no one’s really a good man. Despite all your efforts to put every expense under a strict budget rule, there might still be times where you find yourself spending some extra bucks, particularly on things or goodies that you personally adore and crave for. …

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