Tips on lessening cost of transportation

No! Don’t think about the gasoline price and start a procession against government policy! The greatest way to reduce the cost of transportation is using your legs! Walk. That will help you in keeping your body healthy and on the other hand will save money. If not always, in most of the cases you can save money by walking the short distances. Going to office and returning from office by foot at least once a week can be an additional saving.

Believe it or not, using bicycle can be a great help in saving money. The transportation cost can be reduced to a lower level if you use bicycle where you do not want to go on foot.

How cooperative your neighbors are? If enough, then try to share the cars. To take your babies from the school, one day go with your neighbor in their car. On the other day you take your neighbor in you car. This way traveling together in places that are common between you and your neighbor can save money for both of you.

Before getting out think twice. What are to be done outside? Serialize them to plan the tour. If you are to be in the doctor’s chamber tomorrow then also consider to go to the nearby shopping mall for buying the cloths. Save the cost that could incur by burning fuel twice.

Choosing the right time to drive can save you money as you would avoid rush hours. Start for office before the rush hour starts and start towards home after the rush hour ends. This practice can save you a lot of fuel cost.

Avoid buying a used car as in most of the cases newer cars are technologically better and consumes less gasoline. On the other hand used cars tend to increase the fuel consumption as the engine starts losing efficiency.

Again if you travel through the town in most of the cases, then it is better to use car built on a lower cc engine. A 4500cc vehicle would incur gasoline cost far more than a lower cc car.

Using public transportation can help in saving money. Where ever available use public transports like bus, train, tram etc to avoid the bigger cost of traveling with your own car.

Driving style is another factor. If you drive like an action star then along with the maintenance cost of the car itself, fuel cost will be also higher. By accelerating slowly and keeping the usage of the brakes at a minimal level you can achieve more miles per litter of gasoline.

Driving at a lower gear also costs more fuel. Choose the gear correctly. Do not drive at a lower gear when it is possible to drive at a higher gear.