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Tips To Save Money When Buying From Taobao

While many nervous consumers may experience difficulties when shopping from its website, adventurous shoppers will make an effort to shop directly. This is because direct shopping saves them a lot of money.

You will steer clear of agent’s fees of about 10% after saving the domestic Chinese stamp price for item delivery from the store to your taobao agent’s location.

If you want to shop different types of products and save lots of cash in the process, there are some tactics to stick to that will ultimately give you desired results and make your shopping an exciting experience when it comes to saving money when buying from Taobao.

Shop from the same vendor

If you want to purchase more than one item, buying another product from the same shop will reduce the amount you’ll be required to pay for shipping both items. Besides, you can take a further step to bargain the shipping cost with the seller. This will even reduce the shipping cost for the purchased items which in turn will save you more money.

Take Advantage of Promotions

There are some offers and promotions launched from time to time. Such promotions include holiday-themed promotions, mid-year promotion, Double 11 and apparel seasonal clearance with Double 11 being familiar to many people shopping at Taobao.

Every year when Double 11 comes about, most of the sellers will tender more discounts at a higher percentage rate, and that’s undoubtedly the best time to shop if you want to save more money.

Use voucher codes

Voucher codes are mostly used for promotions. Getting a voucher code will enable you obtain products during particular checkpoints without making any payment. Some shoppers are not familiar with the use of voucher codes.

Once you choose your items for purchase at Taobao, visit the vendor’s homepage and check if there are any voucher codes and promotions.

Buy from small vendor

Small sellers are more likely to sell most items at a cost of approximately 10% lower than the price set by Crown-rated sellers. In addition, they take into consideration the buyer’s reaction towards their products and building their reputation. As a result, they sell their products at lower prices so as to build their reputation.

Buying from small sellers will enable you obtain products with better quality at lower prices.

Accumulate more Taobao coins

Every transaction on Taobao will earn you coins which you can redeem and purchase items from certain sellers. In addition, there are items that can be fully redeemed by Taobao coins. So, make an effort to accumulate more coins which in turn can be converted to many items.

Price Comparison

Although you may find some items in with similar brand, specifications and model, there is a significant difference when it comes to their prices. So before placing your order, compare with several vendors will be very necessary.

At the same time, we need to notice that if some vendors’ price if too low to be believe there may be a trap waiting for us. So compare and find a reasonable price, now only try to find the lowest price .

Positive feedback

In order to make the sales better and up vote their rank some buyers may refund some money after you give the very positive feedback, so if you find where you buy from taobao has this promotion, do not forget to give some positive feedback to get some rebates.

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