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Tips To Save Money When Shopping [Ultimate Guide]

10 Tips To Save Money When Shopping [Ultimate Guide]

Everybody loves shopping. Or at least, the majority of people do. Just the thought of going to the mall and seeing many superb items is enough to thrill anybody who loves to shop.

But as much as shopping is cool, today’s sour economy demands that you lessen your unnecessary expenses and start saving for possible worse times to come.

The sad thing, isn’t it? But do you know that you can actually save money without putting out your love for shopping?

Yes, you heard me right. You can save money without having to do away with your shopping escapades.  All it takes are a few money-saving techniques, and you’d be definitely good to go. 

Here are some ideas that might help you to spend less when you shop.

1 Do not go shopping without making a list of important things or items to buy.

Among the many money-saving techniques, here is the number one tip that you can use as you shop: do not go shopping without making a list of important things or items to buy. This is an important tip, particularly for people who shop for the family’s needed goods and commodities.

Without a list, chances are you would not be able to keep track of the items you pick; hence, you might go over your budget.

Every time before you do the shopping you need to know exactly what you are going to buy. Having this in mind you can estimate the amount of money you will spend while shopping. So, always practice doing some math before you take the wallet and start shopping. Also, when buying, you need to scrutinize the products to see whether some defects are present. This can save you money as well.

2. Define your budget for shopping and stick to it

After making your own list of important items to buy, be sure that you set a definite budget allotment for it. Aside from just simply shopping, you also have other expenses that you need to consider.

Therefore, you have to see to it that you don’t run short of your finances. Otherwise, you will end up with a knotted forehead as you get confronted with more complicated financial constraints because you did not set up a budget limit for your shopping spree.

3. Don’t fill the whole shopping cart

The shopping carts are intended to help you not take all of the products in your hands or not go back and forth few times to finish all your shopping.

This also means that filling the whole shopping cart while you shop is not recommended if there is no need for that. If you are always filling the cart when does the shopping, then take a smaller one and buy the needed products. This will help you save more without even noticing.

4. Start the shopping from the middle of the store

Usually in the middle of the shop are the canned and vibrant products, so spend more time in this area while you do your shopping. Avoid going in the areas that might cost you more money, and stick to the amount you have in your wallet.

5. Listen to some music while shopping

It was proven that while people shop, they usually walk slowly in the supermarkets. While listening to music, you will start moving at the pace of the sound, and you will finish the shopping faster than before. This might also help you be in a good mood, and researchers have shown that you will save 29% on average.

6. Establish the time of the shopping

If you have always done the shopping at the end of the week, or two weeks, then keep it like that. So, whenever you go to the supermarket to buy the needed products, keep in mind that you are buying for a longer period, and you need to plan every meal for that period. It is recommendable to have some cooking calendar with the needed ingredients every day to know exactly what you are looking for in the market.

This also happens when you buy some clothes or anything else. When you decide to go to the shops and boutiques, make sure you know what you need and why you are shopping. That way, you will avoid extra expenses and will get the needed.

7. Check the discounts

While shopping it is recommended to check the prices of the products since some of them might have discounts. Having a discount card is another option so you can earn money on those products.

Also, in the bakery, the bakers often sell the products that expire soon, the next day or the day after, at a lower price, so it is a good practice always to ask this.

Whenever a shop displays discounts, go and check, whether it is about food, clothes, accessories, or whatever you need. Maybe you will find something that you need at lower prices than usual.

Shopping at the end of the season is also a good practice because most boutiques and shops give discounts on the clothes for the season-ending.

8. Double check the promotions

Whenever you see any promotion in some of the stores, keep in mind that the item you might be purchasing will not have a discount, and all that will be just one big lie. Check whether the product is at a discount so you will not need a few products of the same type to buy just one.

9. Be loyal to one store and sign up for loyalty programs

Most of the stores have membership cards that offer further discounts and promotions for their loyal customers. Choose one store that has most of the things you enjoy buying and always do the shopping there.

10. Leave some of the items at last minute

Do not think if you want to leave some of the items you have bought. You can do this at the last minute. Make double checks and make sure that everything in the shopping cart is something you need and you were looking for it.


Trying to suppress all your desires to buy your favorite stuff is not so easy because of the economy’s sour. So it pays to give yourself a break at times too. Say, once in a while, you buy what you want and save up for the rest of the time.

This way, you will not really feel that you are really holding a tight rein on your budget belt. See to it that you reward your successful efforts afterward.

Follow these money-saving techniques for shopping now for a worry-free shopping spree!

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