Why You Should Compare Gas And Electricity Prices

Why You Should Compare Gas and Electricity Prices

More and more people understand how important it is to compare gas and electricity prices, but there are still a lot of people that stay with their incumbent supplier on a standard tariff, for many years. If you have been with the same supplier, on the same tariff, for a long period of time, then you are unlikely to be getting the best deal, and it could be costing you money.
Changing supplier can provide you with access to duel fuel discounts, better tariffs, and other ways of saving money. The average dual fuel bill for a household in the UK is more than £1,300 so it represents a significant amount of money spent every year. Saving 10% can mean that you are £130 better off every year.

Access Duel Fuel Savings

Duel fuel tariffs are not always the cheapest option, but they are convenient, and they will attract an annual discount from your supplier. You will only receive one bill, rather than having your energy spread over two bills, and you will only need to have one point of contact.

Do ensure that you really are getting the best available deal when you opt for duel fuel tariffs. You may be able to find cheaper prices by splitting your bill, and using two suppliers. It may be less convenient, but if it saves you £100 a year then the inconvenience can be considered worth it. You can get more info on the energy companies here

Cheaper Price

The biggest benefit, when you compare gas and electricity prices, is that you will be able to access the cheapest available tariffs.There are hundreds of tariffs available. You will need to choose whether you want a fixed rate or variable rate tariff, a single rate or day/night rate tariff, and even whether you want your electricity to come from renewable sources. Whatever your preferences, you should regularly check to make sure that you are still getting the best deal.

Better Tariffs

One of the reasons that people find changing supplier so difficult is the variety of different tariff types that are available. In reality, these enable consumers to save money by ensuring that they use energy when it costs the least.

Consider how and when you currently use your electricity and gas. Determine the time of day, and the days of the week when you regularly do the washing, have the heating on, and use energy in other ways. By doing this, you will be able to identify peaks in your consumption, and then ensure that you choose a tariff where the prices are cheapest during these peaks.

Duel Fuel and Direct Debit Discounts

When you compare gas and electricity prices, you should take additional savings into account. For example, if you put both your gas and electricity with a single supplier, you will usually receive what is called a dual fuel discount. This may not be much per month but, when spread over a year, it can soon add up and help ensure that you pay the least possible for your energy usage.

Additional Deals and Savings

Some suppliers have teamed up with supermarkets that run a loyalty card scheme. Whenever you pay for your energy bill, you will receive loyalty card points that can be spent on shopping and weekly groceries. To determine whether this will prove beneficial, you will need to calculate how many points you are likely to earn, and what these points can be spent on. If you have high energy consumption, it could prove the tipping point that makes one supplier better than the others.

Better Customer Service and Reliability

Energy consumption and monthly spend is an emotive topic, and one that leads to a lot of queries and complaints. While many suppliers have a very good reputation for treating their customers fairly, it is possible that you have endured a bad experience with your supplier, and this can leave a bitter taste as well as a desire to move to a new supplier.

When you compare gas and electricity prices, you should take all of the above into account. You will be able to access the best deals from the best suppliers, and you will be able to enjoy access to energy from reliable suppliers that value your business.

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Matt Jackson the author recommends to all his readers thinking of changing gas and electricity suppliers to visit uSwitch.com a comparison website where you can compare all the main energy providers.

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